Partners in innovation

Since its founding more than 25 years ago, MIT LGO has grown and collaborated with a select group of industry partners. Representing the world's top companies in manufacturing and operations across a variety of fields and service areas, LGO partners play a vital role in the program through:

Internships – Partner companies provide second-year students with a six-month internship, during which students and company staff members work together to tackle critical operations-related challenges. With the help of MIT faculty advisors, students turn their internship experiences into a master's thesis that analyzes the management and technical issues they addressed while working at their partner companies.

Plant treks – Partner companies host LGO students during site visits to their manufacturing and distribution plants.

Leadership seminars – Executives from partner companies serve as featured speakers during LGO's Global Operations Leadership Seminar series.

Thought leadership – Partner companies help ensure that LGO stays relevant and responsive to their industries' most pressing operations challenges by providing input into the program's curriculum and activities.

Recruiting – During the fall semester, partner companies visit the MIT campus to conduct job interviews with second-year students.

Partner companies reap significant benefits from their association with LGO, including the opportunity to advance their industries and organizations through a close association with MIT, the world's leading academic institution focused on science and technology.

At a Glance

Partner perspectives

Denise Johnson, LGO '97, on the value of LGO to industry partners

"For a company like Amazon that doesn't bend metal or mix chemicals but has very complex operations and logistics around the world, we need business leaders who have a complete understanding of the pieces of our enterprise...We think LGOs hit the mark."

– Jeff Wilke, LGO '03
Senior Vice President, Amazon

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