Nuclear Science and Engineering

Faculty and students in MIT’s Nuclear Science and Engineering department (NSE) advance the frontiers of nuclear science and engineering and develop applications of nuclear technology for the benefit of society and the environment.

Curriculum for NSE is tentative and subject to change.

LGO students completing the MS in Nuclear Science and Engineering are expected to take:

  • The required courses in the LGO Summer Core
  • Two modules in NSE (selected from 22.11, 22.12, 22.13, 22.14, 22.15, 22.16)
  • Two specialization courses in NSE
    • Recommended Fields of Specializations:
      • Nuclear Reactor Engineering
      • Nuclear Reactor Physics
      • Nuclear Materials
      • Fusion
      • Nuclear Science and Technology
      • Nuclear Security and Policy
  • One additional engineering course as approved by department
  • An LGO internship incorporating Nuclear Science and Engineering with management

Nuclear Science and Engineering (Course 22) is organized into six research areas that students can pursue:

A full list of Course 22 classes can be found on the MIT Course Catalogue.

Nuclear Science and Engineering is LGO’s newest addition from the School of Engineering. LGO will be working with the department to identify projects that align with faculty interests at existing partners as well as evaluate new partners that will be of interest to both faculty and students.

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For LGO applicants, the Nuclear Science and Engineering department looks for:

  • A previous STEM degree with a strong academic record
  • Strong analytical skills and a significant amount of physics

A background in nuclear science is not needed to apply. Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Mathematics are common undergraduate majors for applicants.

Applicants should have a stated interest in Nuclear Science and Engineering. They do not need to officially declare a track when applying, but the department would like to know what academic and professional interests have led the student to choose the NSE department.

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