LFM Capital

LFM Capital is a private equity firm focused on creating value for smaller industrial services businesses through operational excellence. The firm is led by LGO graduates, both in their corporate office and in the leadership teams of their eight portfolio companies. LFM Capital is looking to offer engineering-intensive internships in their portfolio, starting with Brian Martin (LGO ’19) who is helping an industrial fastener company assess their manufacturing capability to expand their product lines. With seven LGO graduates already at the firm, LFM Capital is looking to hire more LGOs as they add to their portfolio.

Dan Burseth (LGO ’15)

General Manager, Autocraft, Inc.
At LGO: MBA and SM, Engineering Systems
Previous studies: Northwestern University, Industrial Engineering

Dan has served in a variety of leadership roles at LFM Capital portfolio companies since graduating from LGO. He was Vice President at Eckhart, an ergonomic tooling manufacturer, before becoming General Manager at Autocraft Tool & Die after its acquisition by Eckhart.