Meet Our Students

LGO students come from a variety of undergraduate institutions, industry experiences, and career goals. Together, they forge lifelong friendships during the program. We’ve asked current students to explain their experience below. Why do a dual degree? Why study engineering and business at the same time? What unique opportunities does the LGO program, MIT courses, and MIT students offer? Even while completing two degrees, MIT still has flexibility for students to pursue what is most interesting for them.

Jen Amlani

LGO '22

Engineering department Mechanical Engineering

Undergraduate degree Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Company before LGO Bristol-Myers Squibb

Why LGO?

I chose LGO for two primary reasons. First, I wanted to be part of a smaller cohort within an MBA program with a meaningful alumni network, in order to maximize my support system both during school and after graduation. Second, I was interested in an MBA program that would help me build capability in data-driven approaches to business decisions, and covered topics like machine learning and data analytics. LGO has been the perfect fit for both of these priorities!


I absolutely adored our summer term professors – for example, Intro to Ops Professor Sean Willems is both an operations & supply chain legend and incredibly thoughtful person in general, with plenty of life stories to drive both points home, and Statistics Professor Amr Farahat did an amazing job linking statistics and machine learning concepts back to ‘real life’. Because the LGO summer school cohort is small and intimate, it is very comfortable to ask questions and build relationships with the faculty in a way that I didn’t feel was possible in undergrad.

Action Learning

I am in the Spring ’21 Ops Lab class, working with MGH as a host company. My team is looking to help improve the intraday efficiency of the MGH Da Vinci Robotic Surgery program – so far we have had the opportunity to interview many members of their staff (nurses, doctors, administrators, and more) and even watch a robotic surgery! This class has been a great way to get a hands-on introduction to healthcare delivery as a way to explore fit for future career opportunities.

MIT Network

The LGO network is incredible. Due to covid, this past winter our class had an extended IAP period and DPT was cancelled, leaving us with about 2 months off of school. To make the most of this unexpected extended down time, I reached out to several MIT start-ups, and was able to complete a mini-internship with LGO-founded med-tech start-up Podimetrics doing a data analytics project. I learned so much about start-ups in general, med-tech as an industry, and good leadership practices from the LGO leaders that made the experience possible.

Juliette Chevallier

LGO '21 interned at The Boeing Company

Engineering department Aero/Astro

Undergraduate degree Applied Mathematics, Wellesley College and Mechanical Engineering, Olin College

Company before LGO Starry, Inc.

Why LGO?

Before coming to LGO, I worked in the self-driving car industry for nearly five years. Through my experiences at various companies, I found that I loved the intersection of business and technology. As my background was in engineering, I wanted to return to school for a business degree, while also becoming more of an expert in engineering. I was drawn to dual-degree programs and LGO was the best fit where I am able to dive into technical knowledge in robotics and autonomy. I believe that LGO is the best program to set me up for what I want to do in the future: start my own robotics company.

MIT Integration

One of the greatest parts about LGO is that I am truly a business school student as well as an engineering Master’s student. On the business school side, I’ve been able to be a part of different clubs and meet a variety of people from different backgrounds. On the engineering side, I’ve been able to be a part of a research lab within AeroAstro and work on interesting, complex problems with some of the most impressive PhD students in the world.

Partner Companies

LGO has given me the opportunity to meet amazing alumni at all of our partner companies. Through summer company days as well as my own experience at the LGO Alumni Conference, the LGO alumni network has left me impressed and honored to be a part of it. Alums have supported me through scholarships as well as helping me land the perfect internship. I couldn’t be more grateful from what I’ve been able to gain from the LGO network already.

LGO Life

One of my favorite things about LGO is that we are a family, through and through. We support each other inside and outside the classroom and we have begun to build bonds that will last us a lifetime. As we all individually went to our engineering majors for the semester, it’s been easier knowing that I have this support group that is there for me, no matter how hard things get.


In the LGO summer core, we took a variety of classes, both business and engineering. I really enjoyed taking Operations Management, a case-based course taught by Sean Willems, who made every class enjoyable with his fantastic humor and his deep knowledge on the subject. During my first fall semester, I took Visual Navigation for Autonomous Vehicles as my engineering course. Although it can be an immense amount of work, the satisfaction of solving seemingly impossible problems every week is indescribable. I’ve been able to grow in my theoretical mathematical knowledge and my C++ coding skills, reinforcing that MIT was the right choice for me.


I am lucky to have a fantastic faculty advisor, Olivier de Weck, who understands my goals and supports me in every possible way to achieve those goals. He pushes me to think outside of my own work and consider how my research and my goals can affect different parts of society. He pushes me to not only dig into the details but to also step back at times and see the larger picture. I know that I am incredibly fortunate to have a one-to-one relationship with such an impressive MIT professor.

Felix Dumont

LGO '21 interned at Amazon

Engineering department Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Undergraduate degree Computer Science and Mathematics, McGill University

Company before LGO Oliver Wyman

Why LGO?

Prior to joining the LGO program, I worked as a digital consultant and had to alternate between strategy and hands-on data science. I really enjoyed the balance of business and technical work and started looking at ways to strengthen my knowledge in both. When I came across the LGO program I realized there was no better combination for me. MIT Sloan offers the flexibility and breadth I needed while the Electrical and Computer Science Department goes in exceptional depth. The opportunity to integrate our learning in a six-month internship was also critically important to me.

LGO Life

I am still amazed at how quickly we have been able to build incredibly strong bonds over the first summer. We had the campus to ourselves and had to collaborate on nearly every assignment and project.  LGO students are intellectually curious and humble, and come from a great variety of background. The community extends naturally to significant others which was another important element for me since I moved in Cambridge with my wife.


The breadth of classes available in both Sloan and the engineering departments is phenomenal. I knew I was going to focus on applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence and was able to choose from multiple applied classes in natural language processing, computer vision and modeling. On both the Sloan and engineering side, I was pleasantly surprised by how many classes are project-based and rely on real, practical situations. I have also noticed that collaboration between departments is extremely frequent and often leads to new perspectives in many classes.

MIT Network

I am constantly surprised by how far the MIT name goes and by how tight the alumni network is. In fact, just mentioning the school has open countless doors in the planning of the LGO International Plant Trek in Central America. The MIT network has also been incredibly helpful for an entrepreneurship class I am currently taking as we had to reach out to graduates across the world working in business, engineering or venture capital roles. The strength of this network is clearly amplified within partner companies where simply mentioning the LGO program can go a long way.

David Pedroni

LGO '21 interned at AstraZeneca

Engineering department Civil and Environmental Engineering

Undergraduate degree Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, University of Washington

Company before LGO The Boeing Company

Partner Companies

The partner companies are an integral part of the LGO experience.  Throughout the program we interface with our partner companies in a number of ways.  Over the first summer, the partner companies provide tours of local manufacturing facilities and insight into operations in diverse industries.  The program includes working with the partner companies to shape internships that fit the class interests, create projects for action learning classes, and plan treks to tour plants both domestically and internationally.  In addition to the company support from the partners, the alumni network has been very helpful to our student base through both financial assistance and mentorship.

LGO Life

The LGO community has been instrumental in encouraging, inspiring, and transitioning into a new environment.  As classmates, we support each other in working together on class projects and in extra-curricular activities including intramural sports, hiking, climbing, and skiing.  Knowing we have a network of support has encouraged me to undertake more challenges and foster a space to grow lifelong friends.


The curriculum of the program has exceeded my expectations since the first day of courses.  The summer is spent on core engineering and business concepts, and the level of rigor sets the cohort through providing an analytically challenging curriculum.  Since selecting classes this fall, I have been impressed by the variety of classes available in Sloan, my engineering major, and the school at large.  To list a small fraction of available options, our cohort is involved in designing the automated control systems, tackling computational problems faced by major league sports teams, and developing novel device technology to improve our healthcare systems.  Currently, I am especially enjoying a course on logistics systems. We have been analyzing differing strategies for executing last-mile delivery as well as the airline industry where differing faculty and industry leaders visit campus to present on their field of expertise.