A truly global automotive company, Nissan is the newest LGO industry partner. Based on the principles of lean production that inspired the launch of LGO, today Nissan operates the highest-volume automotive assembly plant in North America, and is a pioneer in the Industrial Internet of Things. As a partner, Nissan will offer LGO internships in a wide range of fields within their manufacturing and supply chain network. Nissan also plans to recruit LGOs to join the growing group of program alumni within the company. Internships in 2019 will address such topics as technology-driven automatic quality inspection, simulations to identify bottlenecks and reduce downtime, and paint chemistry process improvements.

Heath Holtz (LGO ’05)

Senior Vice President, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management and Purchasing, Nissan North America, Inc.
At LGO: MBA & SM Engineering Systems
Previous studies: U.S. Air Force Academy and Georgia Tech, Operations Research
Heath Holtz is responsible for managing all facets of Nissan’s manufacturing operations in the U.S. and Mexico, including all supply chain and purchasing operations. Previously, he was responsible for the operation of Nissan’s assembly plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, the highest-volume automotive assembly plant in North America. A U.S. Air Force veteran, after LGO, Heath embarked on an international career with Nissan, including stints as a deputy general manager based in Japan, and as vice president for Supply Chain Management in Europe.

Listen to Heath’s 2015 webinar presentation on LGO graduates pursuing global careers

David Walker (LGO ’13)

Senior Engineer, Nissan
At LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: Duke, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
After a career in aerospace prior to LGO, David hired on with Nissan in 2013, starting as a program manager on the Nissan Altima and LEAF programs before a role as a manufacturing manager in Nissan’s plant in Smyrna, Tennessee, just outside his home town of Nashville. Since 2017, David has overseen the launch of new models and started up a new paint line in a plant outside of Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK.

JS Bolton (LGO ’14)

Senior Manager–SUV Trim, Nissan
At LGO: MBA & SM Civil and Environmental Engineering
Previous studies: Yale, Mechanical Engineering and History
JS joined Nissan after conducting her LGO internship there, and has held multiple shop floor roles of increasing responsibility in both supply chain and manufacturing in Tennessee and Mississippi. She also leads strategic projects related to preventative maintenance, throughput bottlenecks, and, outside of operations, with dealership fleet sales and impact to resale values. Currently she is responsible for the three-shift operations of Trim assembly for the Rogue, Pathfinder, and QX60.

Federico Marcowicz (LGO ’17)

Supply Chain Manager, Nissan
At LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: Technion, Mechanical Engineering
Previously a helicopter maintenance leader in the Israeli Defense Force, Federico now pursues both operational and strategic roles in Nissan’s supply chain team. He is responsible for a 400-plus person operation that supplies parts to the assembly line on a just-in-time concept, and also helps develop the strategies and lead the digital transformation of Nissan’s internal systems.