Civil and Enviromental Engineering

In MIT’s Civil and Environmental Engineering department, professors work on “big engineering.” The department solves problems like optimizing automobile traffic flow, designing global logistics systems, and conducting environmental impact analysis. LGO students in Civil and Environmental Engineering have the flexibility to build their own curriculum from the ground up or take a pre-defined track.

During the program, LGO Civil Engineering students are paired with a faculty advisor who helps them select courses, integrates them into the faculty’s research group, and oversees their LGO internship.

LGO students completing the SM in Civil and Environmental Engineering complete:

  • The required courses in the LGO summer core
  • Four engineering courses (at least three within the Civil and Environmental Engineering department) following the student’s interest and faculty advisor approval.
  • Each LGO Civil Engineering student is paired with a faculty member, at the time of admission, who helps select courses that fulfill the department’s requirements and the student’s academic and career goals.
  • An LGO Internship incorporating Civil Engineering content, resulting in a dual-degree thesis overseen by the student’s faculty advisor.

Supply Chain

The supply chain track focuses on analytics and optimization courses and complete an internship in a supply chain or data analysis project. Required courses to complete the track are:


This specialization studies infrastructure, city planning, and public transit design. They complete an internship related to global transportation systems. Required courses to complete the track are:

Energy and the Environment

Students in this specialization take environmental engineering coursework to work in sustainability and energy efficiency initiatives during the internship. Required courses to complete the track are:

General Civil Engineering

LGOs can follow a separate specialization of their own design within civil engineering. LGOs on this path should be specific in their application how they would like to build their curriculum and research. Popular civil engineering courses for students on this path (in addition to courses listed above) include:

Many LGO partner companies are able to offer internship projects that satisfy Civil Engineering requirements. These projects can focus on supply chain systems, optimization processes, logistics infrastructure, sustainability initiatives, and construction analysis.

A few recent CEE internships were:

  • Pacific Gas and Electric: Predicting external corrosion on natural gas distribution pipelines
  • Li & Fung: Data analytics models to increase product and factory sustainability

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For LGO applicants, the Civil and Environmental Engineering department looks for:

  • A previous degree in science or engineering. Previous LGO CEE students have enrolled with degrees in industrial engineering, computer science, mathematics, electrical engineering, civil engineering, and geology.
  • Defined research interests in line with Civil and Environmental Engineering’s department research areas.
    • All LGOs are paired with a CEE faculty advisor during the admissions process. Students planning to complete one of the CEE tracks have a collection of professors in that track. Applicants planning to build their own curriculum should present defined academic and research goals at the time of application.

Applicants should have a stated interest in Civil Engineering or in one of LGO’s CEE tracks. Previous work experience within the applicant’s defined track is not required. In the past, for example, LGO has admitted students with backgrounds in consulting, manufacturing, oil and gas, and environmental impact firms.

Because civil engineering is highly applicable to global organizations, CEE LGO graduates have excellent career prospects. Students work in a diverse range of industries, from aerospace to e-commerce. Graduates are excellently qualified to lead projects on systems optimization, data analytics, and global supply chains.

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