Treks & Travel

MIT culture is based on making a difference and changing the world. Like all MIT students, LGOs have multiple opportunities to travel near and far. MIT’s motto also encourages students to apply learning immediately to the real world, and most of LGO’s travel opportunities represent ways to observe and apply theories learning in the classroom. We’ve listed some of the official opportunities students have below.

During the LGO Summer, the class visits a number of operations facilities and companies in the Boston area. Recent trips included:

  • Amazon Robotics: robotic warehouse picking solution
  • Amgen: biotech manufacturing facility
  • J&E Precision (LFM Capital): precision manufacturing of small to medium-sized components and assemblies
  • National Grid: energy production and delivery for New England
  • Sanofi: bio-manufacturing for the future creates more medicine for more patients with smaller environmental footprint
  • Verizon: innovation center showcase 5G technology solutions

Each January, first-year LGOs visit 8-12 manufacturing and operations industry partner sites across the United States. DPT represents a defining part of the LGO experience. Alumni continually cite it as a highlight of their experience. Students observe operations in practice, connect with executives at LGO partner companies, and strengthen bonds with their classmates. Partner companies showcase their operations to potential interns and recruits. There are frequent engagements with LGO alumni throughout DPT that build connections to the broader LGO community and showcase professional application of the LGO toolkit. The trip isn’t all visiting, though. LGOs provide in-depth site assessments to each industry host after the visit.

The majority of primary travel costs (group flights, hotels and ground transportation) are covered by DPT program budget. A student committee organizes the entire two-and-a-half to three week tour throughout the domestic U.S. The trip offers a unique opportunity to observe large-scale operations and manufacturing in a variety of industries and companies.

During spring break each year, LGO students organize an optional International Plant Trek to a destination of their choosing. The international plant trek goes to China frequently as part of LGO’s collaboration with the China LGO program, although multiple other destinations have also been explored. The trip is an opportunity to learn about global operations in a different cultural and economic context.

Action Learning is a cornerstone of MIT education, and LGO students take full advantage of the opportunity. Action Learning Labs are one-semester courses where students work on a defined problem for a company throughout the semester. The teams meet weekly in a course format to discuss themes related to the project, and then travel to the company for a few weeks to gather more data and implement results. Travel is part of the course, and students go to their host company at no additional cost. Previous students have worked with companies in Chile, London, Paris, Hyderabad, India, Malaysia, China, and many other destinations.

In addition to the MIT Sloan Action Learning, the LGO program works with partners, alumni, and industry contacts to organize Operations Lab to offer projects with a high-tech or operations focus, oftentimes requiring advanced engineering knowledge.

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MIT Sloan treks are usually organized through one of Sloan’s many clubs or small groups of interested students. The trips usually focus on exploring a specific region, professional development, or industry. For example, the Sloan Entrepreneurship Club organizes a trek to Silicon Valley to meet and network with various companies in the area.

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LGO students go to locations throughout the USA for their internship experience. About 80% of LGOs do their internship outside of the Boston area. A variety of LGO partner companies have also offered international LGO internships in recent years.

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