A global leader in heavy-duty equipment, Caterpillar moves the earth—literally. Caterpillar has facilities across the world. A partner since 2009, Caterpillar has offered several internships focusing on supply chain and optimizing operations, as well as more technically focused projects on welding. Caterpillar actively recruits students interested in leading initiatives in the company.

Denise Johnson (LGO ’97)

Group President, Caterpillar
While at LGO: MBA & SM, Mechanical Engineering
Previous Studies: Michigan State University, Mechanical Engineering
Denise Johnson is the first woman to enter senior management in Caterpillar’s history. She joined Caterpillar in 2011 after a successful career at General Motors. At CAT, Denise is responsible for underground and surface mining products as well as CAT’s global supply network.

Denise discusses the unique impact the LGO program had on her career and on Caterpillar’s company performance.


Glenn Bergevin (LGO ’13)

Value Chain Engineering Manager, Wheel Tractor Scrapers, Caterpillar
While at LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous Studies: University of Massachusetts, Mechanical Engineering

Glenn joined Caterpillar after the LGO program. After initial roles as an internal consultant, Glenn became the Worldwide S&OP and Demand Manager for Caterpillar’s medium wheel loader business, where he directs sourcing decisions, new product introduction, and inventory management for five assembly facilities around the world. He has since taken on a broader role in the company’s wheel tractor scraper business.

Bi Zan Lorou (LGO ’19)

Operations Group Manager, Advanced Components Manufacturing, Caterpillar
While at LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous Studies: Kettering University, Mechanical Engineering

Before joining LGO, Bi Zan worked for almost 7 years at Dow Chemical Company in different operations and maintenance roles. He conducted his internship at Caterpillar in the Medium Wheel Loader business, working to reduce the lead time of a wheel loader using core configuration and delayed product differentiation concepts. Bi Zan then joined Caterpillar after graduation, where he is responsible for the daily operations of four assembly value streams in Advanced Component Manufacturing.

Number of internships with LGO: 9
Research areas: Supply Chain, Lean Optimization/Manufacturing
Impact: Recent internship projects have made a significant impact on the company’s welding process for large equipment. By introducing phased-array technology, the company ensures higher-quality welds. This technology resulted in a patent, and follow-up LGO internships have focused on implementation across the company.
Locations: Peoria or Aurora, IL, with travel opportunities to other manufacturing sites.