Blue Origin

Blue Origin is a space flight company working towards a vision of millions of people working in space to benefit Earth. Well-known for their New Shepard reusable suborbital rocket, the company is developing the New Glenn orbital rocket and looking towards the Moon and beyond. LGO graduates have been part of Blue Origin’s operations for years, and the company is eager for LGOs to tackle challenges across every stage of the company’s development cycle. Potential internship projects include spacecraft supply chain architecture, using manufacturing data analysis to help increase rates, and maintenance planning for space operations. LGO full-time hires may enter a two-year business rotational program and enjoy executive mentoring and the chance to lead DEI outreach.

Jordan Charles (LGO ’17)

Senior Director, New Glenn Stage 1, Blue Origin
At LGO: MBA and SM, Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: Duke University, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Jordan joined Blue Origin after graduating from MIT, becoming their first LGO staff member and first dedicated supply chain leader. In his five years with the company, he’s led various supply chain and program management functions, mostly supporting Blue’s New Glenn reusable orbital launch system.

Dora Aldama (LGO ’18)

Senior Technical Project Manager, Operations Strategy, Blue Origin
At LGO: MBA and SM, Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: MIT, Aerospace Engineering

Dora was part of a student space exploration club while an MIT undergraduate, then was an engineer at Pratt & Whitney prior to returning to campus as an LGO student. Dora’s LGO internship was in the Boeing 787 program, and she joined Boeing full-time after graduating, rising to Systems Engineering Production Manager. In 2022 Dora joined Blue Origin’s operations strategy group, where she is driving vertical integration strategy and rate/throughput improvement efforts across all of Blue’s product lines.