Nike, Inc.

Ever wonder what it’s like to work with Kobe Bryant, Serena Williams, or Cristiano Ronaldo? Just ask any of our Nike interns or alumni employees, who optimize operations for the retail giant serving professional athletes and amateur enthusiasts alike. A partner since 2011, Nike has offered 18 internship projects primarily focusing on supply chain innovation and optimization. Professor David Simchi Levi, LGO’s Engineering Co-Director, and Professor Stephen Graves frequently supervise the internship projects.

Nike participates in LGO’s Recruitment Week, which takes place every fall. Many LGOs are hired into the Global Leadership Development program before eventually settling into management role, often in the supply chain department.

Hires in past 5 years: 6
Example hiring titles: Supply Chain Development Associate, Global Performance Manager, Sustainability Integration Manager, Product Development Performance Manager
Locations: Portland, OR; Boston, MA

John Frommelt (LGO ’01)
Supply Chain Innovation Director, Nike
While at LGO: MBA & SM Materials Science and Engineering
Previous studies: Alfred University, Ceramic Engineering Science
John had a successful career at Intel after his LGO graduation. He then spent about five years with Adidas, working in their supply chain department. In 2013 he joined the Nike team, and currently works on innovations and improvements in the company’s supply chain.

Andres Garro (LGO ’11)
Senior Director Supply Chain Planning Innovation, Nike
While at LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: University of Pennsylvania, Mechanical Engineering and Management; Purdue University, Integrated Vehicle Systems
Before LGO, Andres worked as a product and design engineer at General Motors and Motorola. During his LGO internship at Zara, he developed a new forecasting system that reduced error by over 30%. After finishing LGO, Andres joined the Boston Consulting Group for about four years. In 2016, he returned to the LGO partner company network at Nike, where he leads a team that drives strategic agenda for Nike’s supply chain planning.

Carlo Quinonez (LGO ’13)
Business Manager, Global Sourcing and Manufacturing, Nike
While at LGO: MBA & SM Engineering Systems
Previous studies: Rice University, Geology & Civil and Environmental Engineering
Carlo worked as a project engineer before joining LGO. After a successful internship at Nike, he decided to return to the company as a full-time employee after graduation. Since 2013, he has worked on advanced analytics models to help Nike optimize their global operations.

Jane Guertin (LGO ’14)
Product Development Performance Manager, Converse Shoes
While at LGO: MBA & SM Engineering Systems
Previous studies: Northwestern University, Industrial Engineering
Jane completed her six-month internship at Nike, working on global supply chain innovation at their Beaverton, OR, headquarters. She was offered a full-time position with Converse Shoes, a Nike-owned company. Jane works with creative designers and factories all over the world on the iconic Chuck Taylors shoes.

Kara Pydynkowski (LGO ’15)
Sustainability Integration Manager, Nike
At LGO: MBA & SM Engineering Systems
Previous studies: Dartmouth College, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering
Kara worked as an analyst at National Grid for about four years before joining the LGO program. After her internship at Dell, she joined Nike, where she works on exciting projects at the junction between sustainability, supply chain, and strategic leadership.

Bob Giacomantonio (LGO ’13)
Location: Beaverton, OR
Research topic: Supply Chain
After working in an industrial sourcing company for a few years after graduating from LGO, Bob re-joined Nike in 2015 as Director, Direct Procurement.