Nike, Inc.

Ever wonder what it’s like to work with Kobe Bryant, Serena Williams, or Cristiano Ronaldo? Just ask any of our Nike interns or alumni employees, who optimize operations for the retail giant serving professional athletes and amateur enthusiasts alike. A partner since 2011, Nike offers internship projects primarily focusing on supply chain innovation and optimization. Professor David Simchi-Levi and Professor Stephen Graves, both renowned supply chain experts, frequently supervise Nike internship projects.

Nike has a long record of recruiting LGO graduates. Many LGOs are hired into the Global Leadership Development program before eventually settling into management roles, often in the supply chain department, where LGOs play a lead role on a team of cross-functional partners and analytics professionals to identify, scope, suggest new opportunities, and execute high-impact analytics projects.

Frequent job titles at hire: Product Manager, Senior Analytics Manager

John Frommelt (LGO ’01)

Senior Director Global Supply Chain Analytics
While at LGO: MBA & SM Materials Science and Engineering
Previous studies: Alfred University, Ceramic Engineering Science

John had a successful career at Intel after the LGO program. He then spent about five years with Adidas in their supply chain department. In 2013, he joined the Nike team and currently works on innovations and improvements in the company’s supply chain.

Kara Pydynkowski (LGO ’15)

Director, Last Mile Capability Development
While at LGO: MBA & SM Engineering Systems
Previous studies: Dartmouth College, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering

Kara worked as an analyst at National Grid for about four years before joining the LGO program. After her internship at Dell, she joined Nike’s Manufacturing Revolution organization, where she worked on exciting projects at the junction between sustainability, supply chain, and strategic leadership. Kara then joined Nike’s Global Leadership Development rotational program, after which she became a Director.

Liza Xu (LGO ’21)

Operations Manager, Digital Supply Chain, North America
While at LGO: MBA & SM Civil and Environmental Engineering
Previous studies: MIT, Chemical Engineering

Liza worked in a variety of different roles at Genentech with a focus on operational excellence and continuous improvement for the six years prior to attending LGO. She conducted her LGO internship at Nike where she developed a new model for quantifying supply chain risk exposure. Post LGO, Liza joined Nike as a product manager where she supports internal supply chain analytics products.

Jason Teno (LGO ’23)

Senior Technical Product Manager
While at LGO: MBA & SM Civil and Environmental Engineering
Previous studies: University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Industrial and Operations Engineering

Jason started his career in the automotive industry. At LGO, he conducted his internship at Nike focused on supply chain optimization. Joining Nike full-time, Jason has continued on the company’s supply chain analytics team.