Verizon is the largest Telecom in the United States with over 120 Million Customers. Verizon operations generated over $100 Billion in 2023. LGO Alumni drive critical processes within Pricing, Marketing, Data Analytics, Strategy, and Supply Chain. Internships span the gamut from state-of-the-art machine learning models to predict consumer behavior to optimization models to deliver on aggressive sustainability goals.

As Verizon and the technology industry continue to change at a rapid pace, the company needs people who can drive that change and keep Verizon ahead of the competition. Verizon seeks motivated problem solvers who are seeking to develop into future leaders across Data & Analytics, Verizon Consumer Group, and Global Supply Chain. LGOs are generally hired as Senior Managers in Supply Chain, Data & Analytics, and Energy and Sustainability.

Recent Post-Graduation Job Titles: Data & Analytics – Senior Manager, Energy and Sustainability – Senior Manager, Supply Chain – Senior Manager.

Ololade Olaleye (LGO ’24)

Senior Manager– Data & Analytics
While at LGO: MBA & SM Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Previous studies: University of Ibadan (Nigeria), Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Ololade joined LGO after working in project management, commercial, and leading transformation initiatives at Shell. She also founded Lumin8, an AI-enabled clean energy start-up. She interned at Amgen, where she developed a novel framework and tools to dimension optimal safety stock and target inventory. She will join Verizon’s Data & Analytics team. Previous projects within this team include monetizing the supply chain, developing data-backed pricing initiatives, forecasting customer behavior, and optimizing the real estate portfolio.

Michael Sandford (LGO ’17)

Associate Director–Global Real Estate, Energy and Sustainability
While at LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering

Mike conducted his LGO internship on novel uses for 3D printing in the product development cycle at Johnson & Johnson. After graduation he joined Verizon in a role charged with creating the company’s first climate change policy. Now an Associate Director with additional responsibilities in Verizon’s real estate team, Mike seeks ways to reduce Verizon’s environmental impact across the company’s footprint and establish and deploy a long-term strategy for climate change mitigation across the Verizon network.

Jeremy Giese (LGO ’14)

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
While at LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: Columbia, Mechanical Engineering

Jeremy joined LGO after a mechanical design career. In his initial roles at Verizon he worked across both new product introduction and global manufacturing domains. He then moved into strategic partnership leadership roles.

Christine Wong (LGO ’02)

Associate Director, Test and Repair Operations
While LGO: MBA & SM Civil and Environmental Engineering
Previous studies: University of Pennsylvania, Systems Engineering and Finance; Babson University, Accounting

Christine joined consulting directly after LGO. After a few years, she joined Nokia Mobile Phones as a sourcing manager. In her current role, she manages the test and repair of returned Fios and FWA devices, driving nearly $300M in annual cost avoidance savings while identifying product enhancements to improve next-generation consumer products.