Verizon has more bars than any of its competitors. The company also has a major presence in the Internet of Things. LGO projects have addressed some of Verizon’s critical supply chain challenges, ranging from reverse supply chain forecasting to developing Verizon’s product launch ability.

Ana Garcia (LGO ’16)

Location: New Jersey
Research topic: Supply Chain
Ana Garcia addressed supplier contracting and forecasting practices, which before the internship often led to a lot of variability on inventory and production planning. She collaborated with suppliers and planners to design alternate metrics and used discrete event simulation to evaluate these proposals. Ana developed a recommended alternate policy that created $500,000 in annual savings for one product and reduced order quantity variability by half.

Federico Markowicz (LGO ’17)

Location: New Jersey
Research topic: Supply Chain
Federico’s internship created a roadmap for an omni-channel fulfillment strategy with Verizon Wireless’ network. Drawing Verizon’s retail stores into the fulfillment network along with distribution centers, Federico’s extensive scenario analysis led to expected benefits to Verizon of substantial operating cost savings and improved service levels.

Michael Sandford (LGO ’17)

Manager–Global Real Estate, Energy and Sustainability, Verizon
At LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering

Mike conducted his LGO internship on novel uses for 3D printing in the product development cycle at Johnson & Johnson. After graduation he joined Verizon in a role charged with creating the company’s first climate change policy. Now a Manager with additional responsibilities in Verizon’s energy production facilities, Mike seeks ways to reduce Verizon’s environmental impact across the company’s footprint, and establish and deploy a long-term strategy for climate change mitigation across the Verizon network.


Christine Wong (LGO ’02)

Program Manager, Verizon
At LGO: MBA & SM Civil and Environmental Engineering
Previous studies: University of Pennsylvania, Systems Engineering and Finance; Babson University, Accounting
Christine joined consulting directly after LGO. After a few years, she joined Nokia Mobile Phones as a sourcing manager. Since 2012 she has been a program manager at Verizon Wireless, currently working to integrate customer care and device return response.

Verizon engages with LGOs throughout their time at MIT, bringing senior executives to meet LGOs in the Global Operations Leadership Seminar as well as at AdMIT weekend, hosting local plant treks, and making sure the LGO alumni working at Verizon visit campus frequently. The company places a priority on recruiting LGO graduates.

Frequent job titles at hire: New Product Program Manager; Business Operations Manager; Senior Consultant, Wireless Supply Chain, Data Scientist
Common locations: Boston, MA; New York, NY