Amgen’s products help people in the most direct way possible. As part of the company’s commitment to serve patients, Amgen products help cancer patients avoid infections and those suffering from arthritis find relief. Since 2007, Amgen has been an active member of the LGO partnership program. The company uses LGO research to develop cutting-edge pharmaceutical products and optimize the company’s supply chain and manufacturing processes. To date, the company has hosted over 45 LGO interns.

To make the most of its partnership, Amgen created a tailored LGO recruitment program that integrates LGO graduates into the company quickly, connects them to senior leaders, and ultimately develops them for a range of critical roles within operations.

Amgen has a time-tested record of hiring and advancing LGO graduates.

Rotational and Leadership Development: Amgen recruits LGOs to join Amgen full-time as part of the Fuel Future Operations Leader (FOL) program. FOL combines job rotations, development assessments, mentoring, coaching, and structured learning to support the development of top talent on their continued journey to leadership excellence! Graduates of the MIT Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) program will rotate through two roles across Operations, with a total targeted duration of 42 months. The combination of roles will provide diverse experiences across functional units and/or geographical locations.

Recent Post-Graduation Job Titles: FUEL-FOL Leadership Development Program Manager, Operations Manager

Philipp Simons (LGO ’22)

Senior Manager, Operations Strategy and Business Resilience
While at LGO: MBA and PhD Materials Science
Previous studies: ETH Zurich, Energy Science and Technology (MS), ETH Zurich, Physics (BS)

Philipp joined the LGO program as part of a pilot LGO-PhD track, completing his PhD in the Materials Science and Engineering Department in conjunction with the LGO MBA and internship requirements. After LGO he joined Amgen’s rotational program where he has served in multiple senior manager roles.

Janelle Heslop (LGO ’19)

Senior Manager, Strategic Planning and Operations
While at LGO: MBA and SM Civil and Environmental Engineering
Previous studies: Columbia, Environmental Engineering

Janelle interned at Amgen as an LGO, researching the operational and environmental impact of next-generation biomanufacturing technologies. In 2019, Janelle joined Amgen as a full-time Operations Manager, leading large cross-functional projects–such as new product introductions–for the start-up of Amgen’s first U.S. next-generation biomanufacturing facility in Rhode Island. In 2021, Janelle transitioned into the Operations Strategic Planning and Risk team, where she leads strategic projects and analyses related to the planning of Amgen’s internal operations network and capacity. One of her projects determined the siting for Amgen’s newest $1B manufacturing sites.

Rahul Nechlani (LGO ’18)

Regional Operations Senior Manager
While at LGO: MBA and SM Mechanical Engineering 
Previous studies: IIT Bombay, Mechanical Engineering

Rahul interned at Amgen’s then latest manufacturing facility in Singapore where he aided the start-up of the facility by solving technical and business process challenges. He joined Amgen after graduation in their FUEL Future Operations Leader (FOL) rotation program starting as an Operations Manager in Drug Substance Process Development group. Here he played a key role in analyzing strategic manufacturing capacity projects, led digital transformation initiatives and managed technology transfers of products. After returning to Amgen’s Singapore facility as a Manufacturing Specialist, he is now overseeing operations based out of the Netherlands.

Eric Dolak (LGO ’07)

Head of Global Capital Projects, Amgen
While at LGO: MBA and SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: Pennsylvania State University, Mechanical Engineering

Eric interned at Dell while at LGO and joined McKinsey after graduation. Like a number of LGO alumni, he left consulting after a few years and joined Amgen in its engineering excellence division. Eric currently works on an enterprise-level program to foster improvement in the company’s operations and culture across all functions, regions, and products within the company.