Rivian is an independent U.S. automotive company that manufactures electric adventure and delivery vehicles to accelerate a shift away from fossil fuels. Founded by an MIT graduate in 2009, in 2021 Rivian is launching its first products onto the market, and joined the MIT LGO program to help boost this massive step change in operational capability. Based in California, Rivian has a manufacturing plant in Illinois and locations in Michigan, Arizona, Vancouver, and the UK.

Clare Frigo (LGO ’21)

Leadership Development Program, Rivian
At LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: MIT, Chemical Engineering
Clare worked at Johnson Controls in their lead-acid battery division for six years as an engineer and program manager prior to LGO. During LGO, she interned at Nike. Clare joined Rivian in June 2021 as part of their inaugural Leadership Development Program class, currently serving as Lead Data Analytics Manager.

Leadership Development Program

Rivian’s Leadership Development (RLD) Program is a tailored career track designed to accelerate the development and career growth of highly talented, post-MBA professionals for advancement within Rivian. MIT LGO Class of 2021 graduates are expecting to join the company as part of this high-potential development program.