Johnson & Johnson

The world’s largest medical device company, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) promotes the health of people around the globe. J&J has partnered with LGO since 2011 to help shape its move towards an integrated supply chain. Working with leading supply chain experts such as David Simchi-Levi, J&J internships span a number of the company’s businesses.

LGO collaboration with J&J focuses on optimizing the company’s operations and supply chain, with recent internships focusing on innovations such as additive manufacturing (3D printing) to speed new product introduction. LGO students may find internship opportunities targeting such challenges as diabetes, orthopedic injuries, and reconstruction. J&J also recruits LGO talent into roles such as managing product, programs, and strategies.

LGO interns and faculty have used segmentation analysis, obsolete inventory analysis, and postponement strategies to improve supply chain performance. Recent J&J internships have been located in the Philadelphia area and New Jersey.

Samer Haidar (LGO ’16)

Location: Wayne, PA
Research topic: Product Development and Supply Chain
Sam’s internship used a process design framework to integrate Voice of the Customer data into the design for future products that will be used to help those with diabetes. He created a seven-year supply chain network road map, a system dynamics causal loop framework, and a financial model to assess incremental costs/revenues.

Kevin McKenney (LGO ’05)

Group Product Director – Early Intervention and Strategic Planning for Sports and Shoulder Reconstruction, DePuy Synthes / Mitek Sports Medicine (Johnson & Johnson)
At LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: MIT, Mechanical Engineering
Kevin worked as a project engineer before joining LGO. After graduating from the program, he worked in management consulting for a few years before joining DePuy Synthes in its product development department. Currently, Kevin runs the company’s sports medicine department.

Christy Dorris (LGO ’06)

Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives, J&J Vision, Johnson & Johnson
At LGO: MBA & SM Civil and Environmental Engineering
Previous studies: University of Delaware, Chemical Engineering
Christy runs one of J&J’s medical device manufacturing plants that makes insulin pumps for people with diabetes. Before LGO, she worked in various engineering roles in manufacturing and process management. Completing the LGO program and her internship in demand planning, Christy took a position with Cordis, a J&J company. After taking progressively larger responsibilities at Cordis, she moved to a strategic director role in Animas in 2011, including plant manager roles, then moved to the J&J Vision business unit in 2018.

Nima Subramanian (LGO ’07)

General Manager at Janssen Pharmaceutical, Johnson & Johnson
At LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: Anna University and Ohio State University, Industrial Engineering
Nima worked as a lean engineer with Nokia for five years before joining the LGO program. After interning at Boeing, she joined J&J’s supply chain management team. With many years of experience as a J&J manager since then, Nima leads the Malvern, PA Janssen site.

Amy Gobel (LGO ’17)

Manager, Optical Inspection Innovation at Janssen Pharmaceutical, Johnson & Johnson
At LGO: MBA & SM Engineering Systems
Previous studies: Princeton University, Geosciences
Prior to joining LGO, Amy analyzed human health risks from contaminated properties and offered expert guidance to remediation decisions. At LGO Amy continued her focus on sustainability, conducting her LGO internship research at Quest Diagnostics’ automated labs. She made strategic suggestions to reduce reagent waste and cost per test. After graduating from LGO, Amy joined J&J Vision in Florida as a production management analyst. She is now based in Switzerland and leads a team charged with enhancing computer vision inspection systems. Previously she led the team running operations support services for the launch of a new contact lens manufacturing plant in Ireland.

Suzie Rawden (LGO ’21)

Supply Chain Digital Strategy Lead at DePuy Synthes, Johnson & Johnson
At LGO: MBA & SM Civil and Environmental Engineering
Previous studies: Bowdoin College, Biochemistry and French
Suzie’s early career was in process engineering and technology transfer, including an assignment in China helping start up a new site. At LGO Suzie conducted her internship at J&J, using machine learning to assess the suture supply chain. Since graduation Suzie has led the DePuy Synthes supply chain digital applications team, working to accelerate the digital transformation of the orthopedics supply chain.