Receiving your Amazon package is exciting, and you can thank an LGO. MIT LGO’s relationship with Amazon runs right to the top — literally. From front-line managers all the way up to the company’s most senior leadership, Amazon is brimming with LGO alumni, and has been since the 1990s. The e-commerce giant engages in continuous improvement projects, and many LGO internships focus on optimizing supply chain and operations, web services, and Amazon Robotics.

Chuck Cummings (LGO ’14)

Internship location: Seattle, WA
Research topic: Supply chain


Director of Central Operations Process Engineering, Amazon, Louisville, KY

Amazon participates in LGO recruitment every year, frequently hiring into their Pathways Leadership Development Program. Employees of the program are Amazon’s next generation of General Managers, Directors, and VPs. In addition, LGOs also have the opportunity to work across Amazon’s portfolio in Amazon Web Services or Amazon Robotics. Recruits start right away as a front-line manager overseeing a team of 50-100 employees.

# of hires in past 5 years: 34
Frequent job titles at hire: Operations Manager, Senior Product Manager, Manager Supply Chain Capacity, Senior Technical Program Manager
Common locations: Seattle, WA; Portland, OR; Cambridge, MA; San Francisco, CA

Tom Taylor (LGO ’91)

Senior Vice President, Alexa,
While at LGO: MBA and SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: Virginia Tech, Mechanical Engineering

Tom Taylor joined Amazon in 2000 as Director of Operations – U.S Fulfillment Centers. Since that time, he has held multiple roles at the company, including launching and growing the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. Tom Taylor currently leads the Amazon Alexa and Echo teams at Amazon. He has responsibility for over 10,000 engineers, scientists, product, business, operations and sales people inventing on behalf of customers to bring Alexa, the cloud-based voice service to tens of millions of devices from Amazon and third-party device manufacturers. Before joining Amazon, Tom spent 15 years in Manufacturing and Plant Management at General Motors and K2 Sports.

Jackie Underberg (LGO ’01)

Director, Worldwide R&D Center
While at LGO: MBA and SM Chemical Engineering
Previous studies: Northwestern University, Chemical Engineering

After a successful management career at HEB Snack Foods, Jackie joined Amazon as a Site Leader of Amazon Fresh in 2010. She then spent time working in an Amazon Fulfillment Center overseeing over 2,000 associates. In her current role, she is a central leader of Amazon’s R&D projects.

Augusta Niles (LGO ’14)

Data Science Manager, Amazon Alexa
While at LGO: MBA and SM Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Previous studies: Dartmouth College, Electrical Engineering

Augusta joined Amazon directly after LGO as a Supply Chain Operations Manager at Amazon Web Services. She then moved to Amazon Robotics and led a team of 4 analysts focused on product, hardware, and software. Now Augusta is a data science manager on the Amazon Alexa team.

Willow Primack (LGO ’15)

Supply Chain Director,
While at LGO: MBA and SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Mechanical Engineering

After an outstanding career with the U.S. Army, Willow used LGO as an opportunity to transition back into civilian life. At Amazon, she’s had roles in charge of testing and developing the next generation of warehouse technologies and overseeing LGO interns. In addition to Willow’s academic and work success, she is also a strong advocate and role model for the transgender community.