Sanofi’s state-of-the-art injection pen production facility near Frankfurt, Germany, forms the laboratory for the LGO-Sanofi relationship. In the facility, Sanofi is developing a smoother way to administer insulin to diabetes patients. The project continues research begun by the Fraunhofer Institute and Bosch. Since the first internship in 2013, LGOs have made an impressive impact. Their studies have identified device defects and developed innovative ways to solve them.

Jeremy Schacherl (LGO ’16)

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Research topic: Lean Optimization/Manufacturing
Jeremy used state-of-the-art nanoscale measurement techniques and tribological (friction) equipment to test the physical characteristics of silicone-coated glass. He then analyzed the data and determined the relative significance of primary factors influencing friction of a rubber versus coated glass system. His research was nominated for the Best Thesis Award in his graduating class.

Nathan McMullin (LGO ’15)

Location: Cambridge, MA and Frankfurt, Germany
Research topic: Product Design & Development
Nathan developed a product concept with an associated business case from recently acquired IP. He then recommended how to enhance the early stage development process. Billy Bellows (LGO ’14) had analyzed the acquired IP, generated an initial set of product ideas, and outlined a general process for taking new IP to product ideas. Nathan’s project continued Billy’s research through the rest of the opportunity identification process.