AI & Machine Learning at LGO


MIT Machine Intelligence for Manufacturing and Operations (MIMO) brings deep learning and machine learning into operations and manufacturing. MIMO is a research and educational program, created to increase industrial competitiveness by developing the shortest path from data to impact through collaboration led by MIT faculty and top industry leaders. LGO students have the opportunity to dive into hands-on research projects in machine intelligence and data science with industry leaders, faculty, and PhD students.



MIT Schwarzman College of Computing

Launched in 2019, MIT’s Schwarzman College of Computing is meant to enable the creation of new and innovative educational programs, and produce creative computational thinkers and doers with the cultural, ethical, and historical consciousness to use technology for the common good — leaders who will offer the world new technological possibilities grounded in human values.

Both the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department and the Operations Research Center are part of the Schwarzman College of Computing.


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AI/ML Curriculum in LGO

At the core of the LGO program is the goal to educate data-driven leaders, who focus on value creation from product design and development to manufacturing, and the delivery of goods and services. Its principal approach is a blend of academic rigor, hands on action learning, and proximity to the practice of operations. 

All LGO students will be exposed to foundational principles of data analytics, AI/ML, and programming through required LGO classes such as:

  • 15.087 Engineering Statistics and Data Science
  • 15.066 System Optimization and Analysis for Operations
  • 15.086 Engineering Probability
  • 6.S090 Programming in Python

Research Interests in AI/ML

Most of our engineering departments offer a focus in AI/ML:

Internships in AI/ML

Some recent LGO internships that utilized AI/ML include: