Raytheon Technologies

Raytheon Technologies (formerly Raytheon and United Technologies) spans the full spectrum of aviation, space and defense, designing and manufacturing advanced defense platforms, including the Patriot and Joint Strike Missiles. LGO students helped Raytheon improve the sustainability of their factories, explore how 3D printing can be used in manufacturing missiles, and aligned product design and new manufacturing lines. UTC focused recent LGO internship projects on applying big data to forecast both demand for its products as well as their likely servicing needs.

Henry Luu (LGO ’18)

Location: Hartford, CT
Research topic: Data Analytics
For decades, traditional hardware aboard commercial jets only took single-point snapshots of engine performance metrics, but Pratt & Whitney’s latest technology now allows continuous, split-second capture of data from takeoff to landing. Henry’s project analyzed the “big data” of engine performance metrics—exhaust temperature, pressure, altitude, oil debris—to define the value of data-based prognostic tools that can better optimize engine maintenance, ultimately contributing to greater operational efficiency for commercial airlines. After graduating from LGO, Henry joined Pratt & Whitney as a customer value manager, extending his internship project to understand how Pratt can offer additional value to their airline customers.

Andrew Byron (LGO ’16)

Location: Tuscon, AZ
Research area: Product Development & Manufacturing
Raytheon aims to leverage the strengths of additive manufacturing technology (short lead times, reduced material waste and integration simplification). Andrew’s project delivered a qualification test plan and process that will be used to drive adoption and integration of Raytheon’s metals additive manufacturing technology into new programs at Raytheon Missile Systems. Andrew’s project was awarded the Best Thesis Award out of his graduating LGO class.

Daniel Roberson (LGO ’15)

Location: Hartford, CT
Research topic: Data Analytics
UTC-Pratt & Whitney use big data to analyze complex decisions on airplane maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO). Daniel developed an algorithm to forecast engine damage and service lifetime. To accomplish this, he managed a partnership between Pratt & Whitney and IBM. Daniel’s findings included defining the roles that particulate matter and humidity play in an engine’s service life, drawing on data gathered from takeoff and landing tests, weather conditions, and dust and pollen levels. Daniel’s project landed him a cover photo in Aviation Maintenance magazine.

Kevin Thomas (LGO ’16)

Director/General Manager, Line Maintenance Services, Pratt & Whitney
At LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: US Coast Guard Academy, Mechanical Engineering
After graduation from LGO, Kevin joined Pratt & Whitney’s leadership development program. In his first year at the company, he achieved decreased turnaround time for third-party logistics providers, led analytics efforts for business development, and created standard work practices for enterprise software systems. Kevin rose through various deputy and acting General Manager roles in maintenance sites before becoming the Director responsible for all large commercial engine on-wing and near-wing maintenance.

Sarah (Clarke) Medina (LGO ’13)

Program Manager, Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems
At LGO: MBA & SM Engineering Systems
Previous studies: Columbia University, Mechanical Engineering
Sarah joined Raytheon after her undergrad career as a Mechanical Engineer, rising to become a Cost Accounts Manager. After LGO, she returned to Raytheon and was Operations Lead for a first-in-industry CAVE-2 Immersive Design Center before assuming her current Program Manager role.

Raytheon Technologies enthusiastically recruits LGO students  for full-time roles after graduation. Multiple Raytheon Technologies business units, including Pratt & Whitney and Collins Aerospace (formerly UTC Aerospace Systems), are active recruiters of LGO graduates. Raytheon Technologies has engaged with LGOs throughout their time at MIT by hosting local plant treks at their sites in Connecticut and through senior leaders participating in LGO seminars.

Frequent job titles at hire: Principal Systems Engineer, Operations Engineer, Supply Chain Engineer, Commercial Engines Aftermarket Rotation Program Associate, Leadership Development Program Associate
Common locations: Boston, MA; Dallas, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Tucson, AZ; San Francisco, CA; Hartford, CT