American Industrial Partners

American Industrial Partners (AIP) is a private equity firm dedicated to building industrial businesses. It invests in middle-market companies and has made over 60 acquisitions since the firm started. Through internships at AIP’s portfolio companies, LGO students have an immediate impact on product-to-business transformation. AIP’s strategy relies heavily on improving operations in conjunction with a company’s current management team. The company is eager to recruit LGO graduates and provide internship opportunities.

Some AIP Portfolio Companies:

AIP Aerospace

AIP Aerospace serves the global aerospace market with 14 manufacturing facilities across the United States and France. LGO intern at AIP Aerospace have worked on a new material that is lighter and stronger than those found on the current market.

Shape Technologies Group

Shape Technologies is the combination of two previous companies and is a leader of waterjet cutting systems. Recent LGO classes visited Shape in Seattle, WA, during their Domestic Plant Trek.

Recent Alumni

Sean Henson (LGO ’17)

Product Manager, Material and Tooling Solutions, AIP Aerospace
At LGO: MBA and SM Aeronautics and Astronautics
Previous Studies: University of Pennsylvania, Material Science and Economics

Sean’s internship at TexStars, an AIP portfolio company in the aerospace sector, identified design and process factors to improve production of a new aerospace transparency product. He also created a market development road map. After graduating from LGO, Sean leads go-to-market efforts for material and tooling solution projects. Based in Southern California, he divides his time between AIP Aerospace/Texstars and another AIP portfolio company, Ascent Aerospace.