Mechanical Engineering

Faculty and students in the MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering (MechE) innovate, create, and study the world’s next technology challenges. Mechanical engineering is perhaps the broadest and most versatile of the engineering disciplines, and LGOs in the department have multiple focused areas to choose. From genetic engineering tools to cheetahs, the makers at MechE keep producing amazing things.

LGO students completing the SM in Mechanical Engineering complete:

  • The required courses in the LGO summer core
  • Three Mechanical Engineering courses
  • One additional engineering course as approved by department
  • LGO Internship incorporating Mechanical Engineering and management content, resulting in a dual-degree thesis overseen by the student’s faculty advisor

During the LGO program, students in Mechanical Engineering combine MBA coursework with engineering classes. Many students have completed LGO through Mechanical Engineering, and the department has some suggested areas of focused study based on past student experiences.


One of the more popular tracks, these courses help prepare students for leadership positions in manufacturing industries. Required courses are:

Energy and the Environment

Students interested in industrial sustainability, renewable energies, and alternative energy sources usually follow this track.


This track focuses on creating medical devises, and has been useful for students interested in working in the medical device, biotech, and healthcare industries after LGO.

Ocean Engineering Systems Management

Students taking this track focus their coursework on marine power, ocean robotics, and naval architecture.

Mechanical Engineering is currently LGO students’ most popular engineering department, and many of partner companies offer internships fulfilling MechE’s requirements. A few recent Mechanical Engineering internships were:

  • National Grid: creating a corporate strategy to integrate emerging technologies and new energy sources into the grid
  • Danaher: Improving production yields for biopharma filter assemblies
  • Sanofi: Burn-in siliconization processes in cartridge filling operations
  • ABB: Robotics unit operations optimization
  • Nike: Consumer-driven inventory replenishment systems

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For LGO applicants, the Mechanical Engineering department looks for:

  • A previous degree in science or engineering with a strong academic record. Previous LGO mechanical engineering students have enrolled with degrees in geosciences, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering, chemistry, physics, and systems engineering.
  • The department requires proof that the student is ready for graduate-level coursework in MIT MechE. Applicants must demonstrate at least one previous course in each following subject:
    • Solid Mechanics/Statics (roughly equivalent to MIT courses 2.01 or 2.02A and B or 2.03)
    • Thermodynamics (equivalent to 2.05 or 2.051)
    • Fluid Mechanics/Dynamics (roughly like 2.06)
    • Computation/Engineering Mathematics (similar to 2.086 and 2.087)

Applicants who did not major in Mechanical Engineering in their undergraduate studies are encouraged to show in the application where/what classes meet the above prerequisites.

Some LGO students have taken all of these classes during their undergraduate study. Some, however, have completed the above coursework by enrolling part-time in a local university and completing the missing courses before they start at MIT. Others have even presented verified EdX or Coursera certificates in similar courses to prove they have the necessary background knowledge for MechE coursework.

Applicants should have a stated interest in Mechanical Engineering. They do not need to officially declare a track when applying, but the department would like to know what academic and professional interests have led the student to choose the MechE department. Work experience is very helpful, but successful applicants do not necessarily have to come from an engineering or manufacturing role. In the past, LGO has accepted students from the oil and gas, consulting, consumer goods, defense, nonprofit, industrial chemical, and finance industries.

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An MBA and SM in Mechanical Engineering prepare students for a wide variety of roles and industries. Many students who want to pivot their careers into new industries and sectors choose MechE for the open opportunities available after graduation. MechE LGO alumni work in operations and strategic management roles at many of the partner companies.

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