Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity Statement

The LGO Program shares MIT’s commitment to create a respectful learning environment and foster an inclusive community that allows all students to thrive. We seek to significantly increase the representation of Black, African American, Hispanic, Latinx, Native American, Native Hawaiian, Alaska Native, and Pacific Islander students in global business and engineering education, and to ensure that all LGO program applicants, students, and graduates are provided an equal opportunity to succeed. 

We value cultural diversity across ages, races, nationalities, socioeconomic backgrounds, physical abilities, gender expressions, gender identities, sexual orientations, and religions. We acknowledge our unique opportunity to cultivate equitable practices in business and technology that positively impact our local, national, and global communities. We are committed to taking deliberate and continuous steps to provide a program that embraces, celebrates, and models the ideals of well-being, diversity, inclusion, and empowerment.

LGO Diversity Fellowship

We are proud to offer five full fellowship awards to applicants who demonstrate a commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity in their life experiences, personally and/or professionally.


MIT LGO 2023 Lawn


Active Allyship Committee

LGO students have taken initiative by creating the LGO Active Allyship Committee, which focuses on tangible actions to ensure that the LGO experience and beyond is inclusive and equitable. Several of the current focus areas include:

  • Expanding marketing and recruiting efforts to ensure access to the LGO program is equitable to students of all backgrounds, cultures, and identities 
  • Working with LGO faculty and alumni to develop new case studies that feature more diverse protagonists and encourage discussion of diversity and equity across operations
  • Expanding LGO leadership curriculum to incorporate more challenging discussions on fostering diverse, inclusive, and equitable work environments 
  • Inviting speakers from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures, and identities to share their personal and professional journeys  
  • Collaborating with staff and partner companies to ensure strong diversity and inclusion values are demonstrated during ongoing student engagement and through new partner selection processes