Partner Companies

LGO would not be possible without an intense commitment to bridging management with engineering from the partner companies. Our industry relationships represent top firms in key sectors such as energy, automotive, aerospace, healthcare, medical devices, and industrial equipment. These partnerships are about more than just networking, but provide opportunities for LGO students to gain hands-on experience and make real-world impact.

LGO’s unique industry partnerships provide the community with a range of engineering MBA careers at top companies. These connections continue throughout their careers and they look to our students as a key talent pipeline for future top leadership careers.

MIT LGO partner companies build their network with you from the moment you arrive on campus, throughout your LGO experience, and into your career as a leader of engineering technology:

  • Fellowships: As part of their investment in building LGO students’ careers as industry leaders, partners support funding for every non-sponsored student accepted to the program.
  • Leadership Seminars: Top executives from LGO partners visit campus regularly to network with students and share real stories from their careers as industry leaders, often as part of the student-organized Operations Leadership Seminar series.
  • Plant treks: LGO students speak with company leaders about operations challenges. Often during plant visits, students enjoy exclusive access to factories and leaders. All LGOs visit companies in the New England region during their first months in the program. In January, the entire class visits LGO partners throughout the USA over three weeks.
  • Internships: All students are guaranteed a six month research internship at a partner company. The LGO internship is a key boost to your career and serves as the foundational research for the Master’s thesis.
  • Career Placement: LGO provides partners with exclusive opportunities to recruit graduating students into high-potential careers. Each year, around one fourth of the graduating class accepts positions at a partner company.

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