Alumni Resources

The LGO alumni community offers the program's 1,000+ graduates opportunities to sustain the friendships and connections developed at MIT, and to network and develop career opportunities. More than 96 percent of recent graduates found jobs at salaries averaging more than $123,000. The program relies on the generosity and stewardship of its alumni community to help support its mission and key initiatives. Read more about how you can stay connected and continue to benefit from LGO after graduation, and how you can contribute to LGO's continued success.

Alumni Advisory Board

The LGO alumni advisory board has responsibility for fundraising oversight, the LGO Alumni Conference, Operating Committee representation, and networking events. The alumni have established three funds to support the program (see "Give to LGO" below). An LGO student alumni relations committee is responsible for working with the advisory board and furthering the connection between the program and its graduates.

Alumni Conference

Each year, a group of alumni hosts a reunion conference for their fellow LGO graduates. The conference includes two days of speakers, workshops, and networking and social events. The 2014 Alumni Conference was held in San Francisco on the theme of Innovation in Manufacturing and Operations. The location of the 2015 Alumni Conference will be announced soon.

Job Board

LGO students and alumni as well as alumni of the MIT System Design and Management program can join this online career group to receive and post relevant positions. Many LGO graduates have used this resource to identify career opportunities in manufacturing and operations. To join the group, email and identify your LGO graduation year. An LGO graduate maintains the group, and all requests to join will be checked against the LGO alumni list maintained in the LGO/SDM virtual community.

Web Seminars

During the academic year, the LGO Program Office hosts web seminars given by alumni, faculty, and industry speakers on topics including their careers since graduation, their current technology and management challenges in industry, and ongoing faculty research. These seminars are open to students, alumni, and industry partners. Members of the LGO community will receive periodic updates on upcoming seminars and can contact Josh Jacobs at if interested in giving a future seminar.

Women of LGO

The Women of LGO affinity group (WLGO), led by Michele Parrish (LGO '95), is an alumnae forum dedicated to sustaining LGO and to maintaining ties among women graduates and current female students. WLGO works with the LGO Program Office to support recruitment of outstanding women candidates, and pursues career development and networking initiatives for its members.

For information on WLGO, contact Michele Parrish at

Alumni Newsletter

The LGO Program Office publishes a monthly newsletter for LGO alumni to update them on the program, share news about students and alumni, offer examples of current LGO student internship projects, and connect them with program information and other resources. To make sure you receive the newsletter, update your profile in the LGO/SDM virtual community.

LGO Alumni Social Network Sites

Many LGO graduates have joined social networking sites created to foster continued connections and timely updates among members of the community.

The LGO Alumni group on LinkedIn is restricted to graduates and current students of LGO as well as the SDM and China LGO programs. Your request to join will be verified against the program's list of students and alumni maintained on the LGO/SDM virtual community.

The LGO Facebook page allows alumni, students and anyone else interested in the program to keep up with news and updates on students, faculty, and relevant developments from the manufacturing and operations sector.

The LGO Twitter feed keeps you up to date on program news and stories from around the web that relate to manufacturing and operations.

Give to LGO

Donations from LGO alumni are used primarily to support scholarships for current students, which is a key factor in attracting the best candidates to LGO. To make an online contribution to LGO, please select one of the three gift funds described below:

If you have any questions or would like more information about giving to LGO, please contact Josh Jacobs at or 617-253-2959.