Career Development

With the unique combination of engineering and MBA knowledge, students at MIT Leaders for Global Operations have outstanding career prospects after the program. But more than just finding the next job, your two years at MIT will help develop leadership skills and give new perspectives on your career development path.

The whole LGO experience is set up to help students develop specialized skills for top leadership positions in industry and technology companies. The LGO program, MIT Sloan, and the MIT community network all combine to help students transition to their next career step. The LGO partner company network allows LGOs to develop meaningful relationships with top global companies.

LGO students have unique access to the MIT alumni network, LGO partner companies, and the MIT Sloan Career Development Office. All of these resources help move an engineering career into management and leadership roles in global industrial and technology firms.

We’ve outlined some highlights of the LGO program’s career development opportunities below.

MIT LGO students get unique access to the LGO partner company network. During your time on campus, you will:
  • Go on plant treks to partner companies:
    • Local companies throughout your first summer in Boston
    • The annual Domestic Plant Trek, a three-week tour through the USA
    • The International Plant Trek, to a location of the class’s choosing
  • Meet with senior management within the companies:
    • Operations Seminar Series: welcoming various speakers every year
    • Case Studies: notable LGO alumni and partner company executives have worked with MIT faculty on case studies, and they sometimes show up in class to discuss the case with the LGOs.
  • Work on applied projects during the LGO internship
The LGO internship is an action-learning opportunity to bring your engineering and MBA knowledge into a company, while practicing project management and leadership.

Students complete the internship at an LGO partner company. LGO program staff provide support in sourcing, scoping, and managing the project. Some, but not all, receive job offers from the internship. Other projects create results that lead to further opportunities at other organizations.

Furthermore, the internship selection process involves numerous interviews, helping LGOs practice their interviewing and presentation skills.

We’ve added brief internship descriptions of recent projects to a number of the LGO Partner pages. The central page allows you to search by engineering field, industry, and research topic. If you’d like to know the scope and impact internship have at each company, please give this page a thorough look.

Recruitment Week serves as the capstone to a two-year integration process with LGO’s partners. A number of companies visit campus every November for an exclusive LGO Recruitment Week.

Partner companies interview second-year, non-sponsored LGO students. The LGO program office encourages an event format where any student interested in a company can interview with that company. During Recruitment Week, LGO partner companies also host receptions and information sessions for all LGO students. This event is open only to the small LGO class, and results in multiple engineering leadership career offers every year.

In the LGO Class of 2017, students received:

  • Up to 6 job offers from partner companies.
  • Over 2 offers from partners companies on average.
  • From partners and non-partners combined, graduates reported 3 job offers on average.

LGO partner companies who have recruited several students over the past five years include:

  • Amazon
  • Boeing
  • Amgen
  • Raytheon
  • Caterpillar
  • Nike
  • Dell
  • … and many other partners are eager to talk about career opportunities.
MIT LGO students have full access to the MIT Sloan Career Development Office (CDO) and career workshops that all MIT MBA students have at their fingertips. LGO students receive help through the CDO in a variety of ways:
  • Career education programs
  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • Individual advising
  • Company presentations
  • Full-time recruiting and job postings (for non-sponsored students)
  • Career Fairs (for non-sponsored students)
The MIT Global Education and Career Development (GECD) office is available to all MIT students and offers a full range of career services.