The Playbook: An MIT LGO Podcast #2

Every year LGO’s embark on a Domestic Plant Trek visiting manufacturing and operations sites across the country to observe large scale Operations at the world’s most impressive companies. On this special episode we bring you along our 2019 Domestic Plant Trek as we hear from diverse leaders we met from along the way. Each leader will share a page from their personal playbook.

Hear from leaders at Caterpillar (Denise Johnson – Group President), Johnson & Johnson (Amy Gobel – Strategy & Deployment), Raytheon (Zack Eubanks – Operations Engineer), Amazon (Brent Yoder – Director of Reliability), and Boeing (Laura Bogusch – General Manager) about how they build and run complex operations at these companies.



The LGO Playbook is a unique set of skills and strategies that have helped generations of LGOs provide leadership in operations. This year we are inviting alumni to share pages from their unique LGO Playbooks through stories of impactful experiences. Join us to learn more about our diverse community while gaining tangible skills for the future.