MIT LGO Summer Core Reflections

Heidi Hatteberg, LGO ’24 reflects on the first MIT LGO summer semester in Cambridge. Heidi is a first year student earning her MBA/MS in Mechanical Engineering.

Heidi JHatteberg, LGO '24Background:

Prior to LGO, I graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS and MS in Aerospace Engineering. After graduation, I worked for Boeing at various sites including Charleston, SC, Cape Canaveral, FL, Saint Louis, MO, and Seattle, WA. I mostly working in Test and Evaluation which allowed me to travel and work on various Boeing products.

Regarding classmates:

LGO 2024 is an awesome cohort filled with folks from all over the world with various backgrounds and experiences. While we spent the whole summer together in classes and other activities, we’re also divided into summer teams to complete group projects and assignments. With all of the time spent together for the 10 week session, it’s almost hard to believe that we started this journey as complete strangers! What’s more impressive is how LGO has not only chosen such a great class, but created teams that encourage diversity and inclusion.

Regarding classes:

We originally intended to “prank” one of our professors, Sean Willems, by dressing up like him for our last class session. When other professors noticed what we were doing, we decided to also “prank” other professors for their teaching quirks or known habits. It was a ton of fun and brought smiles and laughter to everyone!

Regarding expectations:

I didn’t expect to connect with all of my classmates so quickly. LGO has a unique way of bringing us all together and providing experiences that fosters an inclusive environment. The summer was very short but it seems like everyone connected in ways we didn’t expect.

Regarding Everything else:

We’re all here to get through this together and I can lean on my peers for help. The people here are truly amazing and always willing to help others.

Oh yeah, and Summer Team 5 is WAYYYY better than Summer Team 6 😊