Meet the LGO ’23s: Nayeli Arellano

Get to know the LGO Class of 2023! We checked in with Nayeli Arellano from Civil and Environmental Engineering as the class transitions from the LGO Summer Core into their first Fall semester to learn more about why LGO was the best fit for her.


Nayeli Arellano LGO 23 New Class Feature

What were you doing before attending LGO?

Before coming to LGO, I was working in Supply Chain, holding two different positions (now that I think about it, I guess the dual degree was meant to be for me). I started as an Americas Trade Compliance Manager in 2017, leading optimization efforts that support import/export operations while interfacing with global team members, business leaders and other key stakeholders to successfully implement and upgrade the internal policies and processes, as well as identifying risks areas to develop actionable plans and procedures to maximize the organization’s performance. Additionally, in early 2020 I was appointed as the Americas E-commerce Operations Manager. I was responsible for the development of the company’s cross-border e-commerce initiative, from the 4PL’s Control Tower side. I was accountable for key metrics and vendor service level agreement monitoring and assessment to ensure optimal customer service from my local team as well as stakeholders located in different countries in the Americas and Europe.

What factors informed your decision to attend MIT LGO?

  • Perfect Fit: Having worked in Supply Chain Operations with teams all over the world, I knew LGO was the right program for me ever since I heard about it. The focus on Operations and how the program builds on the technical aspect of our respective engineering specialties while also elevating our leadership skills made it the perfect next step in my professional career.
  • Time effective: Being able to complete an MBA and an MS degree at the same time was an excellent opportunity since I was planning on getting both degrees in the near future.
  • Community: Either from virtual events or by talking to LGOs directly, I learned that LGO cohorts were known for creating tight bonds and supporting environments. Also, this program is filled with amazing people with similar interests and very different backgrounds and personalities. Of course I wanted to be part of this incredible community.
The four LGO ’23s from Mexico: (left to right) Paolo Luciano (ORC), Eduardo Maristany (AA), Nayeli Arellano (CEE), and Santiago Andrade Aparicio (NSE)

Why did you choose your specific engineering department?

I was initially interested in the Supply Chain Management Masters.  It was while I was doing my research for it that I first found the LGO program.

I have been interested in Sustainable Operations since my undergrad, and in more recent years, I started focusing in Sustainable Supply Chain. After researching the offerings from each engineering department, it was very clear to me that Civil & Environmental Engineering was the way to go. Its offerings on the different applications of Sustainability and Supply Chain are exactly what I was looking for.

Do you have any advice for future applicants?

  • Connect with as many LGOs as you can. Ask questions. Learn about the program: the good and the bad (Summer Core is hard!).
  • Do your research. Get familiar with the program, the faculty, the requirements, and the partner companies.
  • Do some soul searching and identify what you bring to LGO and what can LGO give you.
  • Be yourself. Let your passion for your discipline shine. Make sure your application reflects who you are and why you want to be part of this community.
  • Learn (at least) basic Python before you come! Seriously, it will make your life so much easier.

What is your favorite memory from the LGO Summer Core experience?

Not exactly a memory, but my favorite part of the LGO Summer Core experience was discovering that regardless of how accomplished and amazing they are, everyone is incredibly humble and approachable. There was always someone willing to help, even if it was just checking in when the deliverables piled up.

Also, being part of the most diverse class in the history of LGO (so far) and being the first Mexican female in the program is something I am very proud of!

Nayeli with fellow ’23s Toni Guiriba (MechE) and Julie Sarasua (CEE) on the Charles River