LGO Class of 2022 Harrison Smith Award

On Monday, May 3rd, current LGO students, LGO staff, and alumni across thirteen different class years virtually gathered to honor and celebrate the late LFM ’99 Charles “Harrison” Smith III with members of his family. Harrison’s legacy as a major LFM/LGO community builder was reflected in the efforts of the eight nominees for the annual award, with LGO ’22 Dan Borchik receiving the prize.


The nominees were Jen Amlani (MechE), Mariko Ogawa (CEE), Andrew Tresansky (MechE), Lauren Sakerka (CEE), Dan Borchik (AA), Paige Wyler (ORC), Luke Higgins (MechE), and Alex Hardin (CEE).


LGO ’21 recipient of the award, Liza Xu, shared the words: “May Harrison’s spirit inspire us all to be more active and involved, kind and devoted, open and friendly in our own lives.” It is abundantly clear that spirit rings true at LGO today, as students and alumni continue to spread these values in their lives and communities.


Harrison Smith Award 2021 - Dan Borchik


A graduate of the U.S. Military Academy with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Dan was an Apache helicopter pilot in the U.S. Army prior to joining LGO. Nominated for his tremendous efforts in supporting the LGO community throughout a difficult year, Dan worked across classes and committees to improve the LGO experience for everyone. His classmates described him as “intensely focused on building community among our LGO class” and that he “sees the best in others and is not shy about complimenting and building others up… [Dan] has been and continues to be a light in our class.”


LGO Harrison Smith Award Recipients
MIT LGO Harrison Smith Award Recipients