Childhood medical battles shaped his quest to deliver more effective treatments

Guadalupe Hayes-Mota, LGO ’16 discusses his history growing up with hemophilia, driving his quest to deliver more effective treatments to more patients. Recently named one of PharmaVOICE’s 100 Most Inspiring People, Hayes-Mota is currently Director, Global Supply Chain and Manufacturing at Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical and has had huge impact in the development and delivery of innovative drugs for rare and ultra-rare diseases.

After graduating from MIT with a chemistry degree, he worked in health care and public policy, but “I realized what I really care about is organizational transformation—how to scale up changes in systems,” he says. So he returned for a dual MBA and master’s in engineering through the Leaders for Global Operations program.

At MIT, he reflects, “there is the sense that it doesn’t matter where you come from—as long as you’re smart and driven to change stuff, you’ll be part of the conversation.”