MIT LGO Careers: Your MBA Career after Engineering

Students enter the MIT LGO program with engineering or science backgrounds, strong work experience, and demonstrated leadership. During their two years at MIT, students develop skills making them among the most sought after on the job market: 95% of graduates have a job at graduation, and 100% are employed three months later.

Why do LGO students pursue their MBA after studying engineering and science for their bachelor’s degree? MIT LGO allows students to dive deeper into the MIT engineering coursework while preparing students to enter diverse leadership positions in a wide variety of industries. 88% of LGO graduates changed their job function, usually taking on more responsibility. Many also change their industry. The MIT MBA and engineering combination gives graduates unique analytical abilities that create outstanding problem solvers.

The whole LGO experience is set up to help students develop specialized skills for top leadership positions in industrial and technology companies. The portfolio of career services with LGO, MIT Sloan, and the MIT community network help students transition to their next career step. And the LGO partner company network allows LGOs to develop meaningful relationships with top industrial global companies.

After studying engineering, and pairing that knowledge with an MBA at MIT Sloan, LGO alumni have led some impressive organizations in top global management positions at leading companies.

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