It can seem like LGOs at Boeing build the planes, create better ways to deliver the planes, and manage the company’s strategy. LGO alumni have fingerprints throughout the company. The largest exporter in the United States, Boeing is one of LGO’s longest partners, having been a part of the program’s founding in 1989. Since then, Boeing has hosted numerous LGO internships and recruited LGO alumni every year. Boeing sees the material learned in the LGO program as a necessity for a career in senior management, and Boeing makes an effort to network and engage with LGOs a every point in the program, from plant treks to alumni conferences.

Rebecca Gould (LGO ’16)

Location: Seattle, WA
Research topic: Supply Chain
Boeing plans to increase the 737 production rate by 24%, and Rebecca focused on optimizing the painting schedule in the plane’s production. Her project had to account for constant various in the order that planes become available for painting, and Rebecca focused on information systems that would minimize the number of days needed to prepare the planes for delivery.

Tamara Belkina (LGO ’16)

Location: Seattle, WA
Research topic: Supply Chain
For her internship and resulting thesis, Tamar developed an optimization algorithm that helps airplane production stations work more efficiently together. Tamara worked closely with Boeing’s Applied Math Group to develop her analytical model. As a result, Tamara identified 35% of the paint hanger costs that are avoidable if the model is used in scheduling.

Scott Bromley (LGO ’16)

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Research topic: Sustainability, Lean Optimization/Manufacturing
The aerospace industry is moving toward using more complex and integrated manufacturing processes in the next generation of aircraft. Current methods use significant amounts of energy and time. Scott conducted heat transfer and chemical reaction analyses to determine the feasibility, applicability, and preliminary thermal performance of proposed heated tooling technologies. As a result, Scott identified potential energy saving techniques that Boeing could use in their processes, and made steps to quantify those savings.

Guillermo Pamanes (LGO ’16)

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Research topic: Robotics & Automation
Guillermo’s project focused on the implementation of a collaborative automation production line, where robotic machines can work with workers to increase safety and productivity. Guillermo completed a statistical risk profile that identified where collaborative automation would have the greatest impact.

Jeff Stein (LGO ’13)

Location: Charleston, SC
Research topic: Lean Optimization/Manufacturing

After graduation, Jeff joined Boeing in South Carolina. He is currently the Chief of Staff, Materials and Manufacturing Technology, at Boeing South Carolina.

Boeing actively recruits LGO students every year during the LGO Recruitment Week. Many LGO recruits into Boeing join the leadership development program for a fast-track to a strategic management position. Others accept permanent assignments directly after graduating. Three years after graduation, LGO alumni at Boeing often transition into a senior manager or project leader role.

# of hires in last 5 years: 28
Frequent job titles at hire: Operations Manager, Lead Engineer, Final Assembly Supervisor, 787/777 Manufacturing Manager
Common locations: Seattle, WA; Charleston, SC; Los Angeles, CA

Ellen Ebner (LGO ’15)

Operations Manager, Boeing South Carolina
At LGO: MBA and SM Engineering Systems
Previous studies: McGill University, Bioresource Engineering
Ellen analyzed renewable energy opportunities relevant to natural resource management prior to enrolling at MIT. After her internship at Boeing South Carolina focused on the use of automation in assembly, Ellen accepted a position there as an Operations Manager. She now supervises a team installing electrical and interiors components in the 787 final assembly line.

John Marsh (LGO ’14)

BCA Automated Identification Technology Strategy Leader, Boeing
At LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: Brigham Young University, Mechanical Engineering
John served in the US Navy Submarine Force for over 12 years before he attended college to get his bachelor’s degree. He then left the armed forced to work at Nalco and Boeing, where he worked on the 737 and 757 before attending the LGO program. After LGO, he returned to Boeing, working as a Front Line Leader in the 777 production line. In 2015, he was promoted to his current role, where he leads the strategic and project development auto ID throughout Boeing’s production environments.

Mark Jenks (LGO ’91)

Vice President/General Manager – 787 Program, Boeing
At LGO: MBA & SM Materials Engineering
Previous studies: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Aerospace Engineering
Mark joined Boeing in 1983, and has held numerous leadership positions in the company. After completing the LGO program, he worked with human space flight and the International Space Station programs in Boeing’s offices in Huntsville, AL. He had an integral part in the 787 program from its earliest days, and now leads the team that designs, builds and delivers the all-new, super-efficient 787 Dreamliner family of airplanes.

Pat Shanahan (LGO ’91)

Senior Vice President, Supply Chain & Operations, Boeing
At LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: University of Washington, Mechanical Engineering
Pat is also a long-time member of the Boeing team, where he has worked in commercial airplane production, Boeing Missile Defense Systems, and Rotorcraft Systems. Pat led the 787 Dreamliner development before transitioning into his current role, where he oversees the entire company’s manufacturing operations and supplier management functions.

Michelle Bernson (LGO ’04)

Director: 787 Final Assembly, Boeing
At LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: Michigan Technological University, Mechanical Engineering
Michelle worked with Boeing’s manufacturing team before joining LGO. During the program, she interned with ABB near Venice, Italy, on a manufacturing and supply chain project. Since graduating from LGO, Michelle has held management positions in Boeing with growing responsibilities. She now oversees 787 Dreamliner Assembly at Boeing’s Charleston, SC, facility.