Ana Ortiz Garcia (’16) organized a trip to her home country of Guatemala over SIP and Spring Break. Ana’s classmates Tamara Belkina, David Semko, and Clararose Voigt as well as Clara’s husband, John Schott joined her for the two-week excursion. The group affectionately referred to the trip (which had a decidedly LGO flavor) as GuaTrek or simply GPT, a nod to the LGO traditions of Domestic Plant Trek (DPT) and International Plant Trek (IPT).

Tamara, David, and Clara listen intently as Alejandro from Grupo OEG describes how Kingo (@Kingoenergy) is #TurningLivesON through distribution of affordable, pre-paid, solar energy solutions in rural areas of Guatemala.

Tamara, Ana, John, Clara, and David take time to pose for a picture atop one of the 16 wind turbines at Parque Eólico San Antonio El Sitio.

Ana, Tamara, and Clara look on as Gladys shows David the bracelets she manufactured.

John, Tamara, and Clara listen as Taylor from Antigua Cerveza explains the inner workings of the bottling equipment at the start-up brewery.

Tamara, John, and David pose with Timoteo, a coffee farmer and co-founder of the De La Gente coffee co-op in San Miguel Escobar.

Clara, Tamara, and Ana show off their newly purchased jade earrings after a stop at the Casa Del Jade museum in Antigua.

Ana and Clara pause to take a photo while admiring the grandeur of the Gran Jaguar Temple at Tikal.

Clara, Tamara, Ana, and David pause at the top of Tikal’s Temple IV, the second highest temple in the Mayan World.

LGO in India

Saila Parthasarathy is taking her Global Engineering project on the road to India. Along with her team, she partnered with LV Prasad Eye Institute to create a prototype for a wearable magnification device for children with low vision. A few members of her team flew to India over Sloan Innovation Period/Spring Break to present their idea to the company.


Below Saila’s prototype can be seen for the wearable device.


Saila met with the founder, Dr. G.N. Rao. Dr. Prem Nandhini and teammates Anastasia and Boris are also photographed below.


Global Engineering is taught by Prof. Amos Winter. The class focusses on combining “rigorous engineering theory and user-centered product design” for developing and emerging markets.