Symbotic is a leading automation provider of an end-to-end warehouse solution using autonomous robots. The company offers mobile robots, modular structures, warehouse management systems, and automated solutions for warehouse and supply chain, and joined the LGO partnership to build out critical leadership capacities during an extended period of growth. LGO students can expect to take on research projects at Symbotic optimizing the company’s supply chain as they stand up autonomous systems in sites around the US, as well as projects aimed at scaling the company‚Äôs production processes, advancing robotic vision systems or upgrading automated charge management. Symbotic looks to recruit LGO graduates into full-time roles in operations.

Lincoln Sise (LGO ’03)

Vice President, Project Management and Manufacturing, Symbotic
At LGO: MBA and SM, Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: Bowdoin College, Physics

After graduating from LGO, Lincoln had a 13-year career at Raytheon in operations roles, managing multiple space and optical product plants and then becoming general manager and site leader of a major communications product site. At Symbotic, Lincoln’s team leads the procurement, manufacture, installation, project management and commissioning of major new warehouse automation programs.

Adam Traina (LGO ’15)

Director of Operations Research, Symbotic
At LGO: MBA and SM, Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: Harvard University, Engineering and Solid and Fluid Mechanics

Adam has brought his data analysis expertise to such varied endeavors as sailing (he is a certified captain), football (he developed analytical methods for the Green Bay Packers), and operations. After LGO, Adam was the chief data scientist for the Raytheon Intelligent Management System. Now Adam is a cross-disciplinary technical lead for new system design, development and deployment at Symbotic.