Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics’ partnership with LGO has provided the company with a critical influx of engineering and analytical know-how during a company-wide transformation. With a Sloan and an MIT graduate in C-suite roles, Quest joined LGO in 2013 to support their change from an established laboratory company to an automation- and analytics-driven provider of insights to patients and health providers. LGO students have been on the front lines of Quest’s massive consolidation of regional laboratories into a new automated facility outside Boston. Over the course of multiple Boston-area internships, LGOs have helped Quest not only with technical challenges of bringing the lab online but also with critical courier logistics, sustainability, and workforce aspects related to this change process.

Internships & Thesis

Number of internships with LGO: 4
Impact: Over the past several years LGO students were instrumental in launching the automation within Quest’s new laboratory and developing scheduling algorithms. With the lab online, Kevin Thomas (LGO ’16) reviewed the entire Quest network and identified bottlenecks that allowed the company to level-load the laboratory.
Locations: Quest internships since 2014 have been conducted at their laboratory outside Boston