Pacific Gas & Electric Company

A utility company headquartered in San Francisco, CA Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) provides natural gas and electricity to millions of households. PG&E was founded during California’s Gold Rush, and many internship projects have focused on safety for their nearly 50,000 miles of gas pipeline. They have been a partner company since 2014 and have offered six internship projects since joining.

Recent Internships

Lillian Meyer (LGO ‘16)
Location: San Francisco, CA
Research topic: Data Analytics & Energy
One of the challenges PG&E faces with their pipelines is corrosion in the steel. They already have preventative measures in place, but not all corrosion leaks can be avoided. Lillian developed a logistic regression model using factors like pH levels in soil and temperature to predict corrosion leaks.

Mohamed Kurdi (LGO ’17)
Location: San Ramon, CA
Research topic: Data Analytics & Energy
PG&E has over 4 million natural gas customers, and almost 50,000 miles of gas pipeline. They have already made substantial investments in resiliency plans and damage prediction models, and Mohammed’s internship will build a model to predict what the damage would be to PG&E in the event of an earthquake. Additionally, he’ll be working on a resource plan for PG&E’s emergency response team to maximize earthquake response for communities.

Boyan Kelchev (LGO ’17)
Internship Location: San Francisco, CA
Research Topic: Data Analytics
Boyan is looking at telephone pole infrastructure, using predictive modeling for preventative maintenance. PG&E has over 2 million utility poles, and any failures can affect consumers. The objective of his project is to better understand the risks posed by these “wood pole assets,” and propose preventative measures as well as better understand their service life.