Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has seen several major improvements in its operations and patient experience as a result of its LGO partnership. An LGO intern’s recent appointment scheduling project will result in a 33 percent increase in capacity for the hospital’s Cancer Center Infusion Unit, meaning that thousands more patients can get chemotherapy, blood transfusions, and infused antibiotics each year. Other LGO projects have looked at boosting primary care efficiency for an aging patient population, and at ways to optimize how MGH purchases, stores, distributes, sterilizes, and restocks surgical supplies for its 58 operating rooms.

MGH’s research engagement with LGO is particularly strong because LGO students can take part in a larger research initiative involving MIT and the hospital. Also, MGH intentionally links projects together from semester to semester, LGO to LGO, for maximum impact.

All MGH internships are based at the hospital’s facilities in downtown Boston.

Liz Ugarph (LGO ’17)
Research topic: Systems Optimization
Liz is evaluating and refining a flexible team-care and bed assignment protocol so inpatient physicians can begin caring for patients who are waiting for an inpatient bed but are still physically in the Emergency Department.

Jonas Hiltrop (LGO ’14)
Research topic: Data Analysis & Analytics
This project tackled the issue of high demand for inpatient beds at MGH by devising a patient flow algorithm that incorporated several process improvements for allocating beds. These included aligning the timing discharges with new admissions and reserving beds at inpatient rehabilitation facilities for patients after their discharge from MGH.

Thomas Sanderson (LGO ’14)
Research topic: Systems Optimization
Sanderson looked at how to improve the prescriptions segment of MGH’s internal medicine practice by segmenting and pooling the prescription workflows and creating a more efficient prescription management system.

Retsef LeviRetsef Levi

MIT Sloan Professor of Operations Management; management faculty co-director of LGO

Levi, who has advised every LGO intern at MGH, is leading several collaborative research efforts with several major academic hospitals in the Boston area and is the lead principal investigator on an MIT/FDA contract to develop a systematic risk management approach for contaminated food and drug products. He has also been involved in developing operational risk and process safety management methodologies for various organizations in the health care, pharmaceutical, and oil industries. He has published papers on shortening wait times for non-elective surgical cases, and on maintenance and flight scheduling for stealth aircraft.

He has overseen 21 LGO internships since in 2011 when MGH became a partner company.