Li & Fung

If you look in the mirror, you’ll probably see clothes, accessories, or beauty products that were made in the Li & Fung factory network. A unique player in the global consumer products manufacturing world, Li & Fung brokers production agreements between major brands and the Asia manufacturing base.

As an LGO partner since 2014, Li & Fung sees MIT and LGO as key collaborators in its journey to increase sustainable practices across the thousands of sites and millions of community members in its production network. With internships based in Hong Kong and including travel to production sites across southeast Asia, LGOs participate in leading change in a supply chain that touches virtually every consumer. LGO internships at Li & Fung benefit from the advice of MIT faculty including world-renowned supply chain expert Charlie Fine and engineering design authority Maria Yang.

Li & Fung recruits LGO graduates who are interested in Southeast Asia’s manufacturing economy. The company recruits directly into management and leadership roles based in Hong Kong with travel throughout Asia.

Internships & Research

Number of internships with LGO: 8
Research topics: Supply Chain and Sustainability
Impact: Li & Fung uses its LGO internships to help develop and implement its Index for Sustainable Sourcing (LFIS) across the company’s massive supply chain. These analytics-driven projects have contributed to internal factory benchmarking and scorecard tools, leading to increased productivity and upgraded conditions for contracted workers and their communities. Future internships will explore how emerging-market factories can use new technologies such as 3D printing and cloud computing to increase competitiveness, as well as how data analytics can increase visibility into global sourcing decisions.

Recent Internship

Jonathan Prout (LGO ’16)
Location: Hong Kong with travel in Asia
Research topic: Supply Chain and Data Analytics
John’s internship project used data analytics from vendor data to improve sourcing decisions. Working in the beauty products division, John collected data from 39 bag factories and created a performance analysis model that fed into a new vendor engagement process. The project helped John point out opportunities for Li & Fung to develop their factory bench-marking approach.