With over 150 million tires sold worldwide each year, Goodyear is an iconic company in transportation, mining, and automotives. Goodyear has partnered with LGO since 2012 to help shape its transition an integrated supply chain. LGO interns and faculty apply network optimization and planning tools to help configure the future plant network, supply chain, product flow, and factory operations.

Internships and Research

Goodyear contributes to cutting-edge research, integrating world-renowned supply chain expert David Simchi-Levi and other engineering faculty with interests in factory operations. Within Goodyear, LGO students work on projects critical to the company’s future.

Number of internships with LGO: 5
Selection of projects: LGO internships contribute to a major effort to transform Goodyear’s manufacturing and supply chain business processes.
Impact: Interns work on Goodyear’s next line of manufacturing technology. One recent project is expected to significantly affect several Goodyear plants’ charters for technology and product assignments. Another explores automation and the use of emerging technologies for inspection.
Locations: MIT LGO interns work at Goodyear headquarters in Akron, Ohio, with potential travel to other sites in the company’s factory network.