General Motors

General Motors Company (GM) has been manufacturing cars in the U.S. for over 100 years. Headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, the multinational corporation now produces vehicles in over 35 countries under a dozen brands and has a truly international supply chain. GM was one of the founding partners when the MIT LGO program began in 1988. The company has been increasingly focused on being on the cutting edge of electric vehicle technology and will emphasize fuel cell research in its future collaboration with LGO and MIT faculty.

Number of internships with LGO: 65
Research areas: Manufacturing/Lean Optimization, Sustainability, Supply Chain
Impact: GM offers a variety of internships, from working on the factory floor to analyzing fuel cell technology. Recently there has been a strong focus on creating a sustainable transportation fleet. While most internships take place in Michigan, GM’s global portfolio can place interns internationally. After 27 years of internship projects, the impact that the LGO program has had on the company is immeasurable.

Peter Kimball (LGO ’15)

Location: Warren, MI
Research topic: Systems Optimization
The paint job on your car does more than just look nice—it affects cabin noise, keeps water and fumes out, and prevents corrosion. Peter’s project focused on automotive paint shops, providing recommendations on how to lay out new facilities to reduce footprint and increase throughput times. LGO Director Thomas Roemer was one of Peter’s thesis advisors.

Adam Miller (LGO ’14)

Location: Warren, MI
Research topic: Sustainability
The CEO of GM has noted that energy diversity and CO2 reduction are “business imperatives,” and Adam’s internship project specifically focused on these areas. Adam used data analysis to develop new carbon measurement tools capable of estimating mass emissions in tons of CO2. GM used his data for global reporting.

Todd Huston (LGO ’96)

Assistant Chief Engineer, Fuel Cell Systems, General Motors
While at LGO: MBA and Mechanical Engineering
Previous Studies: Purdue University, Operations Management
Todd has been at GM for over 15 years, starting as an operations manager and now managing business development. He delivers results across a full product and process value stream using his supply chain knowledge and operations expertise. In addition to his work at GM, Todd serves as the recruiting liaison with LGO and is the company’s representative on the LGO Operating Committee.

Hugh Churchill (LGO ’15)

Group Leader, General Motors Corporation
While at LGO: MBA and Mechanical Engineering
Previous Studies: University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Mechanical Engineering
In his current role at GM, Hugh leads process improvement and strategy development projects, working with cross-functional teams in a number of different business units including Supply Chain, Sales, and Service & Marketing. The Operational Excellence rotation program provides a fantastic opportunity to hone consultative skills while developing a broad experience of the automotive industry and interacting with employees from all parts of the organization.