LGO’s newest partner, Flex (formerly Flextronics) is one of the world’s largest supply chain and manufacturing service companies, playing a central role in the global operations economy. Flex’s more than 200,000 employees partner with leading companies to design and develop products and aid their production and distribution. Flex recruits LGO students for internships and careers in a variety of worldwide locations.


LGO graduates can take fast-track management opportunities in Flex’s Leadership Development Program. A two-year rotational program, it that provides exposure to different business functions in the company, ranging from corporate strategy to operational efficiency in Flex factories.

Recent Alumni

Cassian Naughton (LGO ’07)

Senior Director, Business Solutions and Strategy, Flextronics
At LGO: MBA & SM Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Previous studies: Trinity College Dublin, Statistics and Management Science and Industrial Systems
Cassian came to LGO from Xilinx in Ireland. He then joined Flex directly after LGO as a member of “NovoFlex,” an internal group dedicated to leading strategic growth opportunities. Cassian was instrumental in establishing Flex’s Energy Business Unit as well as founding their Corporate Strategy function.

Amanda Lurie (LGO ’16)

Business Manager, Flex Leadership Development Program
At LGO: MBA & SM Engineering Systems
Previous studies: Columbia University, Environmental Engineering
Amanda is currently participating in Flex’s Leadership Development Program. Over 2 years, she’ll rotate through four different business functions of the company, using skills from LGO to help craft corporate strategy, incorporate innovative thinking within the business, and work hands-on to increase operational efficiency in its factories.