Danaher designs, manufactures, and markets hundreds of industrial and consumer products all over the world. Through the LGO partnership, students work with Danaher to improve business systems and optimize manufacturing. Danaher’s business systems and lean manufacturing units are ideal fits for the LGO skill set. Changes to the company’s organization have also opened up opportunities in medical systems within its Life Sciences & Diagnostics division.

Marshall Fox (LGO ’16)

Location: Miami, FL
Topic: Product Design & Development
Marshall identified opportunities to improve the reliability of an automated hematology instrument used to analyze patient blood samples. He developed a statistical method to track the product’s reliability and pinpoint which variables had a strong relationship to the product’s optimal performance.

Jeremy Rautenbach (LGO ’17)

Location: Long Island, NY
Topic: Lean Optimization/Manufacturing
Jeremy’s work at Danaher’s Pall Corporation created a process control approach for the production of filters critical to the biopharmaceutical industry. Jeremy’s recommendations led to significant improvements in yield and generated major cost savings. After graduation, Jeremy will join Pall as a manager in their UK facilities.

Danaher actively recruits LGO alumni because LGOs bring an important mix of technical and leadership skills to its general manager program. LGO graduates can perform easily in leadership, financial management, and engineering roles. Particularly exciting for students looking to work at Danaher are the upward and global mobility the company offers. LGO graduates can work in a variety of locations within the U.S. or internationally in Danaher’s leadership rotation program, and recruits are often put on a fast track to a general manager role.

# of hires in last three years: 4

Rafael Secundo (LGO ’15)

Quality Control Manager at KaVo Kerr Group, Danaher Corporation
At LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: North Carolina State University, Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical Engineering
Rafael worked as an engineer in various product design, development, and R&D roles before coming to LGO. During his LGO internship at Quest Diagnostics, he built an event simulation of a large-scale automation system for a new manufacturing facility. At Danaher’s subsidiary KaVo Kerr, Rafael manages overall operations for the $17 million business.

Joey Konefal (LGO ’17)

Product Manager at Chemtreat, Danaher Corporation
At LGO: MBA & SM Engineering Systems
Previous studies: Duke University, Mechanical Engineering
Joey was a technical project manager and consultant to the nuclear power industry prior to joining LGO. As an LGO intern at Boeing, Joey’s analysis of a traditional manufacturing operation led to increased on-time delivery and reduced overtime for the company. After graduation, Joey joined the Danaher subsidy ChemTreat as a product manager.