Bell is essential to first responders and military personnel, as a global symbol of life-saving technology. Bell joined the LGO partnership in 2014 to help accelerate the company’s technological and operational excellence. LGO internships at Bell give students exposure to helicopter design, system integration, and analytics-driven supply chain management.

Bell internships take place in Fort Worth, Texas, with travel during their research to Bell sites throughout North America.

Paul Baxter (LGO ’16)

Location: Grand Prairie, TX
Research topic: Lean optimization
Bell’s Drive Systems Center DSC is a low volume, high variety job shop with hundreds of machines, thousands of parts, and tens of thousands of operations. Paul developed an automated scheduling model, now used at the site. Supervisors now spend less time scheduling jobs, and machines are utilized more efficiently.

Nicholas Dunn (LGO ’18)

Location: Fort Worth, TX
Research topic: Robotics and automation
Nick’s internship project worked with Bell’s initiative to create ways to market on-demand helicopter transportation in urban environments. Autonomous on-demand aircraft design and operations are still in their infancy. Nick produced a conceptual system design for the on-demand mobility system.

Sean Holly (LGO ’06)

Vice President for Manufacturing Operations, Bell Helicopter
At LGO: MBA and SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: Illinois Institute of Technology, Physics

Sean became the Vice President for Manufacturing Operations in 2017. In this role he is responsible for operations across Bell’s manufacturing network, including safety, quality, cost, and talent development. Previously he was the general manager of Bell’s Drive Systems Center, where Bell assembles all products.

Karl Kulling (LGO ’15)

Future Vehicle Lift Capture Team, Bell Helicopter
At LGO: MBA and SM Engineering Systems
Previous studies: MIT, Aeronautics and Astronautics

Karl works at Bell’s Advanced Composite Center in Fort Worth, Texas. A former UAV engineer, Karl leads new product development, with primary responsibility for safety, quality, delivery, cost, and talent development.

Bell has recruited on campus each year of their partnership, and is excited to meet and recruit LGOs.

# of hires in last three years: 3

Typical roles for LGOs at Bell: manufacturing leadership, strategic supply chain, integrated business planning, product design & development