Headquartered in Switzerland, ABB is a multinational corporation that has been working with the LGO program since 2001. ABB’s wide range of business units make for many interesting opportunities, and LGO’s relationship with each business unit is constantly evolving. For example, LGO added a robotics project with ABB in 2016. Within the LGO partnership, ABB focuses on research projects related to supply chain management, energy, product development, and operations planning. Internships offered with ABB are often global in scope and can take place at international locations.

Sonny Patel (LGO ’17)

Location: Sweden and China
Research topic: Robotics & automation
Sonny conducted his internship with the ABB Robotics division. He divided his time between Västerås, Sweden, and Shanghai, China. While there, he focused on the performance of ABB’s robotics supply chain. A follow-on internship, also in Sweden and China, will create an interactive model of one part of this supply chain and help recommend quality targets.

Andreas Christogiannis (LGO ’14)

Location: Switzerland
Research topic: Systems optimization
Andreas worked at ABB headquarters in Turgi, Switzerland, a suburb of Zurich, where he studied optimization plans in sales and operations planning for a high-volume engineer-to-order product line. Andreas used historical data to develop a probabilistic prediction model that enabled ABB to estimate how much new business the current sales force activity is likely to produce, allowing the company to act proactively to business changes and optimally target sales efforts based on performance in the model.

Tanja Vainio (LGO ’04)

Country Managing Director for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, ABB
At LGO: MBA and SM Civil and Environmental Engineering, Supply Chain Track
Previous studies: RWTH Aachen and Tampere University of Technology, Mechanical Engineering
Tanja joined LGO from ABB, where she had worked in project management in Finland and Georgia. After finishing the LGO program, she rejoined ABB as VP of Supply Chain Management. In 2011, she was asked to take over as Country Manager Hungary, where she effected organizational change and improved overall business results. Tanja has discussed the change process and her leadership experience in the role in the Operations Leadership Seminar.

Haitao Liu (LGO ’04)

VP Operations/Operational Excellence, Grid Integration NAM, ABB
At LGO: MBA & SM Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Previous studies: Northeastern University, Metallurgy
Before LGO, Haitao worked in the steel industry in Shanghai, China. After LGO, he worked as Director of Manufacturing in Alcoa’s China operations. Later, Haitao joined ABB in their North Carolina and Switzerland offices. He has served as a VP at ABB since 2010, where he has overseen a variety of quality management operations in 15 countries. He now works on power grid initiatives out of North Carolina.

Rafael Omar de Jesus (LGO ’00)

Group Vice President and Global Account Executive, ABB
At LGO: MBA & SM Mechanical Engineering
Previous studies: Purdue University, Aeronautics and Astronautics
Rafael came to LGO as an engineer at Boeing, also an LGO partner company. He joined ABB directly after graduation as a Department Manager and has been a critical member of the ABB team. During his post-LGO career, he has held management positions at ABB in Finland, Ireland, Mexico, and the USA. Since 2010, Rafael has served as Group VP in ABB’s North Carolina offices, where he oversees account management with ABB’s clients. Rafael also serves as the LGO Governing Board member.