Applying through the MIT School of Engineering

Applicants to the LGO program apply with only one application.

The MIT School of Engineering only accepts LGO applicants in LGO Round 2. If you apply through the School of Engineering, you will be considered for LGO first. If rejected for the LGO program, the engineering department will consider your application for their master’s programs. To learn more about the different engineering departments working with LGO, please visit our curriculum section.

You can also choose to apply to LGO via the MIT Sloan School of Management application. In that case, if rejected for the LGO program, applicants are then considered for the Sloan MBA. To apply through MIT Sloan, follow this link.

LGO students doing their MBA and SM in AeroAstro get internships in aviation, defense, or sometimes in drone projects within other industries. They often develop a career in the aerospace or aviation industries after graduation. The Aero/Astro application opens in mid-September.

Apply through Aeronautics/Astronautics

LGO biological engineering students specialize on knowledge related to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and the biotech industries. The department’s application opens in mid-September.

Apply through Biological Engineering

Students within MIT Chemical Engineering work on chemical processing or pharmaceuticals and have career opportunities in the biotech, healthcare, or energy industries. Applicants to this department can only apply through MIT Sloan.

Apply to LGO Chemical Engineering

Students in this department can investigate complex systems, supply chains, systems design, transportation networks, and environmental engineering. They have career opportunities in numerous industries after graduation. Their department’s application opens in mid-October.

Apply through Civil and Environmental Engineering

LGOs in EECS work on cutting-edge hardware and data science projects. Some also study systems engineering and complex algorithms. EECS applicants to MIT LGO can only apply through MIT Sloan’s admissions portal.

Apply to LGO Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

The LGOs studying MechE can focus on manufacturing, energy and environmental sustainability, robotics, biomechanics, and ocean engineering systems. The MechE application opens in mid-September.

Apply through Mechanical Engineering

MIT LGO began a cooperation with the MIT Operations Research Center in 2017. Students admitted to this department focus on applied statistics, machine learning, and decision analysis as it applies to running a large, global operations firm. At the moment, MIT LGO applicants to the ORC only apply through the MIT Sloan system.

Apply to the LGO Operations Research Program