MBA/MS in Engineering Systems

Challenges such as managing global manufacturing and supply chains, rebuilding crumbling infrastructures, and working toward energy security don't have purely technical solutions; they involve technology, processes, and policies. ESD students and faculty address such challenges using interdisciplinary approaches rooted in engineering, management, and social sciences.

The Leaders for Global Operations Connection

Engineering systems is an appropriate field for LGO students who already have a master's degree in an engineering field or an undergraduate degree in a field such as industrial engineering.

Through the support of LGO industry partners who wish to invest in future leaders from ESD, LGO students enrolled in the Engineering Systems Division will receive a generous fellowship. For the most current information on the LGO fellowship, visit our program costs page.

Popular ESD courses among LGO students include:

ESD tracks

LGO students in ESD focus on one of three areas that represent the breadth of cross-disciplinary areas in the field.

Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chains

This track explores manufacturing systems and supply chains and presents an intricate set of engineering challenges that are central to LGO. The track enables students to study the complexities of global supply chains, the interaction of corporate objectives with trade policies, currency fluctuations, and distributed product and process design, and the management of these supply chains in conjunction with manufacturing footprints. Courses for this track include:

Systems Engineering

This track is focused on acquiring the skills to solve complex engineering systems problems by integrating approaches based on engineering, management, and social sciences; using new framing and modeling methodologies. Courses for this track include:

Energy and Environmental Sustainability

This track focuses on how to better frame the problems of sustainability, identify existing approaches that can be used to address issues, and expand the set of relevant analytical methods and tools. ESD researchers are involved in a wide array of sustainability projects. Courses for this track include:

Learn more about the MIT Graduate Program in Engineering Systems Division.

Graduates of the MIT LGO program receive two degrees in two years: either an MBA or a Master of Science in Management degree from MIT Sloan School of Management, and a Master of Science degree from one of seven participating departments in the School of Engineering.

At a Glance

Faculty Profile

Jessika Trancik

Jessika Trancik

Assistant Professor of Engineering Systems
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Student Profiles

Alex Whigham

Alex Whigham LGO '15

B.S. in industrial engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2010
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Oliver Schrang

Oliver Schrang LGO '14

B.S. in operations research, U.S. Military Academy, 2005
LGO Intern at Dell Inc. in Austin, TX: "Transformation Program Manager"