Manufacturing + operations internships

All LGO students conduct a six-month applied research internship at a partner company site. These internships provide the industrial "laboratory" for students to conduct research and develop solutions that form the basis of their master’s theses.

Companies develop business-critical projects in areas including product and process development, forecast and strategy, lean manufacturing and operations, and supply chain logistics—and they have high expectations for deliverables (see “Results and Impact” below).

MIT faculty advisors visit the site and engage with company project staff during the project. Typically, students work directly with line supervisors, but they’re also exposed to executive champions and sponsors. Internships offer numerous leadership opportunities, often driven by the students' initiative. Learning to lead by building trust and influence are critical skills developed during the internship and are used by LGO graduates throughout their careers.

Location and timing

Most LGO students do their internships from June to December of their second year, though a few do off-cycle internships from February to August of their first year. Internships take place all over the United States and abroad. In the past 10 years, 15 percent of internships were at partner companies in the Massachusetts and 20-30 percent were based in countries including Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Peru, Spain and Switzerland.

Results and impact

Partner companies benefit from internships through cost savings and strategic impact. Thirty percent of company project supervisors report savings of more than $100,000 as a result of a single internship. Internships also act as a career springboard for students and an excellent recruiting resource for companies.

Project areas and examples

Here are some examples of recent internships (click on a category to see pages with details on the projects):