LGO Alumni Newsletter October 2015

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Message from Thomas Roemer


Thomas A. Roemer

Dear friends,

The last week of September started with steamy torrential rains, raising hopes that summer might last forever after all, or at least that October was still a ways off. By the end of the week, however, wool sweaters, techno fleece and synthetic downs had made their appearance, with their muted hues complementing the colorful autumn leaves outside.

Meanwhile, the hustle and bustle of LGO '16s during Midstream Review fill the halls of the LGO office, and representatives from 23 partner companies joined us for the Operating Committee meeting. A new initiative on action learning, in which groups of students will solve smaller well-defined problems in organizations across the U.S. and worldwide, created a lot of interest and looks very promising. The transition to the post-Engineering System Division era was also a topic for discussion and will remain on our "to do" list for a while.

Thomas A. Roemer
Executive Director, MIT Leaders for Global Operations Program

Join Cambridge-area alumni for Oct. 19 happy hour

The LGO '17 Alumni Committee would like to invite all alumni in the area to join the current students for Happy Hour on Monday, Oct. 19 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Fireband Saints (1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02142). Please join us to de-stress and share stories from the program and beyond. The first round is on LGO!

LGO News


New book illustrates "leadership mantras" taught by LGO's Don Davis

LGO alumni offer first-person accounts of applying Davis's teachings in their own careers. Read more...

Alumni Scholar profile

The Alumni Newsletter includes periodic first-person accounts by students who have benefited from an LGO Alumni Scholarship.


Boyan Kelchev

I was in the office when I received a phone call from Thomas Roemer telling me I had been accepted to the LGO program. I could hardly contain my excitement—it was a dream come true! During the previous several years, I had worked as a systems and software engineer for Forward Slope, a small defense contractor and technology firm in San Diego. Even though I was working on fascinating and challenging problems, I was ready for the next step. I had carefully researched graduate programs, and the LGO program was the only one I'd found that I felt would provide me with what I needed at this stage of my career: the ability to further develop my leadership and managerial skills while deepening my technical knowledge in an inspirational and thriving educational environment.

During the few days following Thomas's call, I anxiously awaited the official offer letter. When it arrived, it confirmed what I thought I had heard Thomas say over the phone—that I was one of the recipients of the LGO Alumni Scholarship. The award meant a lot to me. I saw it not only as something that would alleviate the financial burdens of the imminent big changes in my life but also as a warm welcome by the LGO community. It was a recognition that made me feel like the LGO community wanted me to become a part of it, and this feeling made my transition to MIT much easier.

Now that I have been at MIT a little over three months, I can already say that the alumni community has marked my experience in even more ways. I have enjoyed candid conversations with alumni during program events, company visits, and classroom sessions. These have helped me better shape my understanding of the program and feel a strong bond with the LGO community early on.

I would like to thank the alumni community and especially those who have made the LGO Alumni Scholarship a reality. Your support means a lot to me and my classmates and the LGO experience would certainly not be the same without you. I look forward to meeting many more of you in the future!

—Boyan Lyubomirov Kelchev '17

LGO Partner Job Openings

American Industrial Partners

Senior Product Manager – Stainless Steel Tank Trailers

This is a new role at Heil Trailer created to define the commercial product strategy and roadmap for its new stainless steel tanker trailer product line. The Product Manager is responsible for both product planning and product marketing. The ideal candidate will develop the core positioning and "go-to" product messaging for product differentiation and launch, be a stainless steel SME with strong metallurgical engineering and process development/quality management experiences. Stainless steel R&D, product development, direct customer development marketing experience, and strong interpersonal relationships with both employees and customers.

American Industrial Partners is a $6B operationally orientated middle-market private equity firm that aggressively invests in North American based industrial and manufacturing businesses to build and grow them. AIP owns 98 U.S. manufacturing sites and seeks leaders with world-class integrated operating company experience who want to transform and run U.S. manufacturing businesses. AIP portfolio companies typically offer three points of leadership entry for individuals with appropriate manufacturing leadership experience: VP/GM, Plant Manager, and Operations Director.

Email your resume to careers@americanindustrial.com and follow the AIP Careers page on LinkedIn and Twitter @AIPCareers to keep up with current job postings.


Director, Strategic Resource Planning – Operations (Manufacturing) – Thousand Oaks, CA

The Operations Strategic Planning and Risk (OSPR) group is an internal management consulting arm of Amgen Operations focused on optimizing Amgen’s global operations and supply chain. OSPR’s clients include members of Amgen’s executive management team, functional VPs and site leadership. The Director's responsibilities include:

  • Leading cross-functional initiatives that advance Amgen’s manufacturing and supply chain network
  • Driving an operations strategy that optimizes network costs, minimizes risk to supply and supports launch of pipeline molecules
  • Working with Regional Operations Heads to support development of regional strategies for product launches, capital investment and risk reduction
  • Developing short-term and long-term operational plans for new acquisitions (working with stakeholders in Supply Chain, Finance, Commercial, Process Development and Regulatory affairs)

If interested, see the posting on Amgen's careers site or contact Cathryn Shaw-Reid about job req #34235BR.


Strategic Programs Manager II – Milpitas, CA

SanDisk’s World Wide (WW) Operations organization is responsible for all production, planning and order management functions from the time the memory wafers leave our factories in Asia until they are confirmed and shipped to our customers in final product form. The person in this position will be exposed to a breadth of both business and operational issues through participation in company-transforming, high profile projects reviewed at the executive management level. Projects and analyses are both strategic and execution-oriented in nature, resulting in immediate positive, tangible results in company performance through increases in efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.

For more information or to apply, see this position on the SanDisk careers site or search for Req ID 24144.

Knowledge Transfer

This month's newsletter will feature projects in manufacturing process improvements using first-principles modeling. Scott Bromley evaluated composite curing for advance aerospace applications at The Boeing Company. Ploy Srivali used computational fluid dynamics to evaluate the drug production processes at Amgen, Inc. If you have companies or areas of research you are interested in having highlighted in the monthly news, please contact Ted Equi.

Investigation of Integrally Heated Tooling for Curing Advanced Aerospace Composites (The Boeing Company)

Intern: Harrison Scott Bromley
Harrison Scott Bromley

Harrison Scott Bromley

Company Supervisors: Mike Dickinson, Andrew Glynn
Academic Advisors: Timothy G. Gutowski and Thomas Roemer

The aerospace industry is moving toward using more complex and integrated composite structures in the next generation of aircraft. Composite manufacturing requires the part and associated tool to be heated, cured, and cooled via a prescribed thermal profile. Current methods use large fixed structures such as ovens and autoclaves to perform this process step; however heating these large structures takes significant amounts of energy and time. Further, these methods cannot control for different thermal requirements across a more complex or integrated composite structure.

This project focused on the following objectives and approaches:

  • Gather baseline energy and performance data on ovens and autoclaves to compare with estimations of new technologies
  • Determine feasibility, applicability and preliminary thermal performance of proposed heated tooling technologies on certain part families (this was done mainly via heat transfer analyses that combine heat of the chemical reaction of the resin cure with the heat input of the oven to capture the exothermic temperature spikes. This helps to determine how well parts perform with integral heating.
  • Perform a scale-up analysis to determine costs, support processes, and auxiliary requirements of the new technologies at a full production scenario and compare with the incumbent technologies.

The project resulted in:

  • Procedures and guidelines on when to use one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional heat transfer analyses based on part thickness
  • Recommendations on what size/shape of parts would work best for the integral heating technologies
  • Recommendations on which integrally heated technologies are preferred over others due to ease of installation, capital costs, and auxiliary system requirements
  • Conclusions and potential energy savings of the integrally heated tooling over oven and autoclave cures
  • Comparisons of capital costs of new technologies versus incumbents

Overall, this project helped steer the Boeing team into the next phase of their research of the technology and its applications. It provided recommendations on what type of parts the technology can be used as well as quantified the energy benefits. It also helped better define when and how to use the composite-specific heat transfer analysis software to optimize computational time and accuracy.

A New Approach to Drug Product Process Design: Leveraging First Principles Modeling and Cross-Product Process Monitoring to Improve Process Design Robustness (Amgen)

Intern: Nahathai Srivali
Nahathai Srivali

Nahathai Srivali

Company Supervisors: Wenchang Ji and Adrian Distler
Academic Advisors: Arnold Barnett and Anthony Sinskey

The goal of this internship was to utilize first principles, computational fluid dynamic (CFD) and process monitoring to develop drug product process design. First principles and CFD modeling tools were used to deep dive into the physics of drug product filling process (specifically, parameters influencing two key filling issues—drying during line stoppage and dripping between fills). Criteria for analyzing cost and benefits for the use of first principles were also provided to provide strategic recommendations on where the new approach should be utilized. Clinical data were leveraged, with multivariate statistical data analysis, to determine inspection reject limit for the purpose of process monitoring and root cause analysis.

Student Bloggers

Please make our student blogs a regular part of your reading about LGO. If you’re interested in the current state of the program, these blogs are a great place to start.

  • Carrie Beyer ’17 is figuring out which interesting clubs and social activities to take part in while still managing classes and a personal life.
  • Hashim Alhamad ’17 debunks the notion of the "perfect leader" and ponders what makes a truly successful (though imperfect) leader.
  • Chinasa Emeghara '17 is enjoying her internationally diverse classmates in MIT Sloan's Atlantic Ocean, where she's in a part called the Hot-lantics ("our chant is even better than the name)."

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